How To Keep Your Hands Soft & Smooth For The Wedding!

How To Keep Your Hands Soft & Smooth For The Wedding!

Which bride doesn’t want soft and smooth hands on her wedding day, right?! Dear gorgeous bride-to-be, all you need to do is pamper your delicate hands with love and attention a few weeks before your big day. Here are 7 ways to keep your hands baby soft before and all through the wedding. (All eyes on you!) Remember, choosing the right hand care products is extremely important. 

1. Hand creams all the way

1 Ways to get soft hands Moisturizing your hands on a daily basis is super important if you want smooth hands. Just so you know, not any lotion will do. You need a hand lotion. A hand lotion is much thicker as compared to regular creams, and it contains more nutrients to nourish rough skin. Try applying some every day, for two months in a row, and you’re bound to see the difference.   

2. Exfoliate like you mean it, baby!

Just before you reach out to grab that moisturizer, exfoliate your hands! Exfoliating helps scrub off dead skin cells, evens out your skin tone and improves the skin’s texture. You can either buy a readymade hand scrub or make a natural one by making a thin paste of crushed oatmeal flakes and fresh milk. Apply it to your hands, scrub and massage well. After 10-15 minutes, wash it off with cool water. Try it out twice a week for positive results. Also read: How To Get Your Feet Pretty For Your Wedding!

3. Tried wearing gloves to sleep?!

3 Ways to get soft hands If you’ve never done this before, now is the perfect time to wear gloves before you go to bed! Apply your hand cream and put your gloves on. The idea is to trap the moisture and allow the cream to soak deep into your skin. Keep them on for about 5-8 hours and you’ll surely wake up to soft and smooth hands.

4. Treat yourself to a hand massage

The best part about a hand massage is that you can do one without spending a single rupee! It not only improves blood circulation, but also relaxes your tired skin. Get a massage done at least twice a month for baby soft hands.

5. Go for regular manicures

5 Ways to get soft hands Getting manicures done regularly will keep your nails clean and trimmed and will also make your skin soft and smooth. A manicure at least once a month will give you the results you deserve so very much. Don’t forget to moisturize your hands once you get home from a manicure. This will keep your hands hydrated and soft at all times.

6. Choose the right soap bar

What if we told you that your hands aren’t soft because you’re using the wrong soap! Surprisingly, it’s quite possible. Stay away from strong, antibacterial soaps. Instead, opt for the ones that are apt for sensitive skin and have moisturizing properties. Also read: Soft, Smooth, Glowing: 7 Homemade Body Scrubs For The Bride!

7. Apply your sunscreen

7 Ways to get soft hands Just like you apply sunscreen on your arms and legs, you have to do the same for your hands too! The sun has the tendency to dry out your skin and make it rough. Hence, a sunscreen will do your hands good by protecting them from the harmful UV rays. Use wet wipes to remove it once you’re home. Images: Shutterstock