8 Ways To Add A Stylish Touch Of *Desi* To Your Western Wear!

8 Ways To Add A Stylish Touch Of *Desi* To Your Western Wear!
Indian wear and western wear both have a unique charm. But what if we love being true to our roots and don’t want to give up on our Indianness? While we may love wearing western outfits and keeping up with the trend, we also like to NOT give up on our desi sense of style. That’s reason enough for us to add a *pinch* of some desi-ness to all our western outfits! Here are 8 ways to Indianize any western outfit:

1. Jewel It Up!

1 Indo western fashion

Accessorizing is the key! You can make or break your look just by accessorizing it in a particular way. Whatever the outfit may be, a pencil skirt with a well fitted shirt or trousers with a formal blouse, you can always add an Indian touch to it! Add a statement neckpiece, heavy jhumkas or bangles to your western wear and you’ll see your look transforming instantly!

POPxo Pick: Meenakari Hoop Jhumkas (Rs 559), Tribal Necklace (Rs 599)

2. Let The Eyes Do The Talking...

If you want to be really subtle about adding an Indian touch to your western wear, eye makeup is for you. Wear a bold layer of kajal and flaunt your desi-ness! Kajal is very true to our culture and not something the westerners use. You can also wear a bindi to draw all the attention to those eyes!

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3. Flowing Ethnicity...

3 Indo western fashion

Now this is something that you can achieve in under a minute. Adding an ethnic scarf or a dupatta to any western outfit will add tons of style to your look! It’s simpler than you think. All you have to do is replace the scarf you would otherwise wear with a traditional one! We suggest you to go for very traditional scarves and stoles that exude Indian vibes. You’ll be amazed by this gorgeous contemporary look!

POPxo Pick: Bandhini Dupatta (Rs 1,399), Printed Scarf (Rs 1,599)

4. The Mane Game!

We all know how much of a difference our hairdo can make to the way we look. That’s why we hate bad hair days, right? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that something as basic as your hairstyle can make you look desi in your not so desi clothes! There are so many different hairstyles to choose from. You can do the classic Indian curls with a pouf on top or braid your hair the way you like it! Adding hair accessories like flowers or a passa will be an added bonus.

5. It’s A Baggy Affair..

5 Indo western fashion

Feel like adding any of the previously mentioned points to your look will be a clear distraction from your outfit? You can always try this then! Add a statement bag to your attire and stand out in the crowd. A traditional jhola should do the trick well. You can also try carrying a contrast colour potli to nail the indo western look.

POPxo Pick: Kantha Work Bag (Rs 795), Silk Potli (Rs 940)

6. Be Colour Smart

In a country like ours which is culturally so diverse, it’s a little difficult to pick one colour and call it the ‘traditional’ colour. However, colours like red, yellow and orange are most frequently used in traditional Indian wear. Why? Because they come from natural elements like kesar, haldi and kumkum. So the next time you want to add any accessorizing element to your look, consider these colours first!

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7. Put Your Ethnic Foot Forward

7 Indo western fashion

Minimal is the new trend. You can Indianize any outfit by pairing it with kolhapuris, juttis or shoes that have an ethnic appeal to them. Alia Bhatt showed us in 2 States how pairing kolhapuris with jeans and a t-shirt can look so classy! It’s time you try this out too.

POPxo Pick: Pink Ghungroo Jutti (Rs 2,599), Brown & Black Kolhapuri (Rs 1,750)

8. Do The Fusion

Last but not the least, you can always try fusion wear to add an Indian touch to your look! Mix, match and experiment loads with your attires! Try pairing an ethnic top or jacket with your ripped jeans instead of a usual t-shirt or wear a crop top with that ethnic maxi skirt instead of pairing it with a choli! Look around in your closet and we’re sure you’ll find everything you need to work this out!