10 Sweet (And Fun!) Ways To Bond With Your Devar

10 Sweet (And Fun!) Ways To Bond With Your Devar
There are two things that can guarantee you a great time in your new home and your new role as a bhabhi. Having a younger sis-in-law or having a devar! Because ladies, devars are these awesome beings that have a knack for making life wonderful. They are your buddies, your partners in crime, your support system and more or less like a brother. Here are 10 ways to bond and make this new relationship even more strong.

1. Tell him about yourself...

Yes, you guys have fairly good knowledge of each other’s lives. But if you want him to open up and share more than just the basic things, then you’ve got to take the first step. Share a funny or inspiring incident from your life to lighten the mood and listen when he shares his.

2. Everyone loves a thoughtful gift!

You don’t have to be showering him with gifts all the time. But yes, a thoughtful gift with a sweet message is a great way to kickstart your lifelong bonding. It just shows that you care about him. Ask your husband for ideas!

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3. Show interest in his interests.

It could be as simple as watching the match, playing a game on the Xbox or just hearing him strum a new tune on the guitar. Show interest, be enthusiastic and you never know - you might get to learn a new skill yourself (and bond over it!).

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4. Go out and have fun!

Sometimes without the husband too! Because the more time you spend with each other, the better it is! You could go shopping for your hubby’s gift or just for running a household errand together. Sometimes, it’s the little moments that make a relationship stronger.

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5. Let’s become party planners!

Dad’s 60th birthday or a crazy weekend with all the cousins. Rope in the devar to plan a youngsters party, a surprise celebration or a quick vacation. You have no idea how much fun this can be!

6. Be his confidante...

Because he’ll always be coming to you for all sorts of advice! Relationships, college trouble or an issue with his best bud. Be honest with your advice, deal with his issues like your own, be a support system and never ever break his trust.

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7. Also, save his ass!

Coming home late or wanting a new bike… just be a sport and play along! Help him plan a special Valentine's dinner for his girl and remind him of dates he shouldn’t dare forget!

8. Take a food challenge!

If you’re both foodies and can’t resist a spicy plate of yummy golgappas, well then you’re both up for a challenge! Nothing's more fun than a devar-bhabhi knockout! And the loser prepares the winner’s favourite dish.

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9. Boy bonding!

Give him and your husband some boy time too. It’s essential that your brother-in-law and husband can always continue to bond, just like old times. In fact, why not go ahead and plan something really cool for the two of them?! Tickets to a game they both love or maybe a boys night out.

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10. Give it time...

Every relationship needs time to grow and blossom. There’ll be moments you’ll cherish forever and there’ll be the not-so-great moments as well - but the bond you two share will only grow stronger and deeper with time.

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