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Wedding Day Crisis?! Here’s How To Deal!!

Wedding Day Crisis?! Here’s How To Deal!!
When it comes to your big day, no matter how much you’ve planned for it down to the T or have made as many Plan Bs to be sure, that one small thing will always go wrong. Murphy’s Law? Maybe. So we’ve made a list of a few difficult-to-anticipate booboos that you should watch out for during your wedding.

1. A ruined wedding dress

Phew. Sorry for starting on this note - the thought of this is giving us goosebumps. It’s scary but honestly, anything can happen – your blouse or dupatta could tear or your lehenga could get stained with the photographer’s tea. Ufff. I pray this never happens even to my worst enemy but God forbid if it does, keep your next best saree handy so you don’t get worked up. Next, see if the problem at hand can be fixed.
(Your disaster kit must include bob pins, safety pins, sewing kit, bandages etc) 1 wedding disasters

2. Food running short

This can be a serious problem in the Indian shaadi scenario what with the scores of people who attend our desi weddings. Make sure your caterer’s kitchen isn’t too far and that they can arrange for a backup as quickly as possible. Discuss this with them beforehand.

3. Late entrants

In India, we love to be late and most guests wouldn’t walk in before 9pm for a 7pm reception. Make sure you have a waiting room for the bride (preferably with AC) so that she doesn’t have to be on stage facing a nearly empty wedding hall. 3 wedding disasters

4. Bad weather

Planned a summer evening wedding but the rain Gods showed up sooner? Or was it that the sun was so, so, so hot that day, it broke down the ACs in the hall? We are a country that knows jugaad and trust us your wedding decoration contractors have all the plan Bs and Cs (They’ve seen more weddings in a month than you have in all your life) in place. Discuss these problems and the probable solutions beforehand so that you and your family are less stressed when the situation arises. Deputize a family member to get things in order. Also read: 9 Important Wedding Planning Tips For The Working Bride-To-Be!

5. Uninvited guests

Every wedding has those gatecrashers and you end up with fewer chairs than guests. There’ll be a few relatives who will end up bringing a “plus six”. Don't panic. Let the family coordinator quickly update the caterer to check the possibility of getting extra food and more seating. Let those few extra guests not spoil your big evening.
5 wedding disasters

6. Your bridesmaid’s MIA

Your best friend was given the role but she fell sick or something unfortunate happened to her. Sorry I say so but you’ll have to transfer the duties to your favourite cousin. What’s family for, after all?

7. Confusion around the date

What if one of your vendors – photographer, makeup artist, caterer, flower decorator – anyone – gets your wedding date wrong. Ouch. Make sure you have a list of backup vendors handy. Mail it to a few family members and friends and call them to see if they can pitch in last minute. Confirm and reconfirm the date and time with all your vendors well in advance to avoid this situation. 7 wedding disasters

8. Your health is bad

A bad bout of cold that could ruin your makeup in a jiffy or an allergy that spreads. Keep your doctor’s number on speed dial and get a quick fix. Also read: Planning A Destination Wedding? 7 Essentials To Keep In Mind!

9. Forgetting what it’s about

There can’t be a bigger disaster than not enjoying your big day. A few years down the line you’ll realise that it wasn’t important for it be perfect as much as it was important for it to be fun. Girl…go have a blast!!! 9 wedding disasters GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr