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How To Manage Your Emotions Better If You Cry Easily

How To Manage Your Emotions Better If You Cry Easily
What to do if you're somebody who cries easily but doesn't want to end up in a pile of their own puddle all the time? Here are some helpful ideas to recollect yourself in times of tears!

1. Happy place

This may take some time but it's worth it! Take some time to visualize a happy place in your mind. It could be anything - think of your favourite colour, smell, memory and combine these things to create a place only you know. Think of this place whenever you feel the need to, it should help avoid the waterworks.
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2. Detangle your thoughts

Sometimes we cry because we feel too overwhelmed. Why not sit down and think of the things that are bothering you? Imagine them as a ball of wool and try to detangle the ball to make things more linear - it could just help you to declutter your mind space and feel a calm sense of relief! Because once you know the cause - it's much easier to deal with!

3. Redirect

If you have a sad, dark or just a really upsetting thought - then redirect your brain and focus it on something else, something much more positive. It won't make the problem or the fear go away - but it might help you achieve some clarity so that you can move past it! 3 girl who cries easily

4. Go for a funny movie

Comedies are there for this type of escapism, so why not make the most of them? Next time you're feeling blue or fearing the tears, just immerse yourself into the world of funnies and let the laughter do its job! Also read: How To Manage Your Emotions Better If You’re A Sensitive Person

5. Music

Our aural senses are actually the ones that help determine our mood the most. Why not have a playlist loaded onto your phone that is full of numbers that make you feel happy? The next time you feel like shutting down you can do it in your own world of happy sounds!
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6. Count to 10

It may seem like the oldest advice ever - but it isn't to be discounted! Counting to 10 helps your brain to focus on the task at hand and process things enough to put them in perspective. Try it!

7. Breathe

Deep breathing has a relaxing effect as it allows your bodily functions to regain some sense of control over a situation. The next time you find yourself in a stressful/ overbearing situation - try a deep breathing exercise to avoid tearing up. 7 girl who cries easily

8. Slow It Down

This may take some work from your imagination but if you can try to visualize things slower than how they are taking place in real time - it might help you to steady yourself before reacting. Basically you are buying time and evaluating the circumstances.

9. Put it in perspective

Whatever it is - it isn't the end of the world. This should be your mantra - be ready to repeat it to yourself every time you feel the need to cry. Deal with your problems head on instead of resolving to tears - you are braver than this! 9 girl who cries easily

10. Process it

Rather than letting your emotions get the better of you - take time to rationalize and process what is happening and why. It might help you solve some unresolved issues that make you cry.
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11. Turn that frown upside down

If it is a sad memory or something that is bringing you down - then turn that frown upside down! Remember happier times, remember the memories you have made in your life so far, remember the fact that this is not the end and there is much more in life to come. Face everything with a smile - and you'll be just fine! :-) 11 girl who cries easily GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr