Moving To A New City? 11 Tips For Finding The Best Flat Or PG!

Moving To A New City? 11 Tips For Finding The Best Flat Or PG!
No matter how excited we are to explore the world all by ourselves, moving to another city is never as easy as we would have liked it to be! Leaving behind your home, your family, your comfort zone and adapting to a new life in a new city is no less than a challenge in itself. And the trickiest thing in it all is to find suitable accommodation. Here are a few ways to hunt down the most suitable place to live when you move to a new city!

1. Use your contacts in that city (if you have any)

The most obvious thing to do is to recall if there is someone you know, who is already residing in that city and can help you find the kind of flat or PG you’re looking for. It becomes way easier to settle into an unknown city if you know someone there! But if you can’t recall even a single contact, fret not, there are several other ways too!

1 accommodation in a new city

2.  Figure out the most suitable location/ area/ locality

A city as a whole is a huge place, so you need to pick a specific area that suits you the most in order to begin your search for an accommodation. Go for the areas that are closest to your college or office as it would save you a hell lot of time and money! The internet can really be helpful with this!

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3. Do some research in advance!

No, do not wait to find an accommodation after setting your foot in that city. Come on, put the internet to some more use and start searching for options in advance. It would give you a fair idea about what to expect from the city as far as accommodation is concerned.

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4. Decide on a budget and stick to it

This would actually help in simplifying things for you by filtering out the options that fall out of your financial capacity! Now start looking for options that fall in or around the budget that you have set aside for paying the rent!

5. Try visiting that city beforehand, if possible!

Convince your friends, go on a short-trip to that city and explore it as much as you can. Becoming somewhat familiar with the city will help you get to know the area better. Also, you can try and look at a few accommodation options during this quick-trip!

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6. Spread the word among your friends and acquaintances

No matter how random it sounds, it actually helps! Tell people around you that you are moving to a certain city and are looking for a place to live in! Chances are that someone might land you the much needed helping hand. Facebook can be surprisingly helpful as friends may tag friends of theirs who can help too!

7. Deal ONLY with trustworthy brokers and dealers

Going the broker way is a good idea to get exactly what you’re looking for, but only when you’re dealing with the trustworthy ones! Don’t forget to do a quick but thorough background check of the broker whom you are eyeing to seek help from.

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8. Talk to the locals

This is important! Always and always make sure that you speak to a couple of local people before signing any contract with a broker or a landlord. You might get some useful information from them.

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9. Look into ample options before taking the final decision

Yes, you might be getting restless and would want to get done with all this as soon as possible! But patience is the key here. Don’t be in a hurry and look into sufficient options before zeroing in on any particular flat.

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10. Clear every doubt before signing the lease papers!

Most of us make this mistake of NOT clearing out our doubts with the landlord/ landlady beforehand, and end up amidst a sea of inconvenience later on. Even if you have a trivial point in mind, do not hesitate to clear it out right away!

11. Make FULL use of online portals

Try joining groups on Facebook such as “Flats and Flatmates in Mumbai” - there’s one for almost every city. These groups will help you find a house or PG without a broker, and what’s better? If you can’t find a flat, find a flatmate who already has a house around the area you’re looking for. Alternately, you can also look up websites like Nestaway and Wudstay to find yourself a clean, safe flat.

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So dear ladies, no matter which city you're heading to, keep these tips in mind and get the perfect accommodation!

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