9 Times In Life You Should Just NOT Take Sh*t From People!

9 Times In Life You Should Just NOT Take Sh*t From People!
It'd be pleasant to live in a world where everyone is nice to each other. But the reality of life can feel sh*tty at times, all the more so when someone goes out of their way to make your life unpleasant. Standing up for yourself is a given, but there are some times when you absolutely, emphatically must NOT and should NOT take sh*t from anyone.

1. When someone cuts in front of you in a queue

India is infamous for its long queues - since they're more like complicated mazes than straight lines. And it's high time we learn the principle of "first come, first serve". So, unless it's someone who is genuinely in need, it's best to gently yet firmly tell them to get back in line. Also, do not cut if you do not want to be cut.

1 Taking a stand for yourself

2. When someone questions your ability

More often than not, subtle or blatant putdowns and snide remarks actually display the other person's insecurities. Do not let the words affect your emotional and mental well-being; just go about your merry way knowing you don't need their stamp of approval.

3. When someone tries to steal credit for your work

In a competitive environment, whether at school or work, you will encounter people who will want to show themselves off at your expense. For you, claiming ownership of your own work or ideas may not be about credit. Rather, it's about respecting your own efforts and making sure that your hard work is not wasted.

3 Taking a stand for yourself

4. When a relative makes you feel like a horrible daughter

For whatever reason it is, whether a lacklustre academic performance or the lack of a husband, there will be members of the family who will try to make you feel guilty. As long as those you love know where you stand, you don't need to take that shit.

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5. When a partner makes you feel not good enough in a bad way

It's not just strangers and acquaintances who can bring you down. A boyfriend, seemingly perfect in every other way, can make toxic remarks. It's one thing if your own doubts and insecurity make you feel uncomfortable in a relationship, but do not let others criticize and try to change you into someone you are not.

5 Taking a stand for yourself

6. When someone tries to catcall or touch you inappropriately

Neither you, nor any other girl should have to take that shit, seriously.

7. When someone tells you you cannot do something because you are a woman…

All you need to say: "Bring it on!"

7 Taking a stand for yourself

8. When someone tries to mansplain

Most women would have heard a lot of mansplanations in their lifetime - you know, those condescending explanations told like we are children and not adults with life experience.

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9. When you are judged for not being who you're "supposed" to be

Society has a lot of conditions and expectations and those who break conventions are sometimes viewed with suspicion. If someone judges you for disappointing their expectations, you can just show them the door out and wish them a very good day - away from you.

9 Taking a stand for yourself

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