25 Weird & Funny Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Turns 25!

25 Weird & Funny Thoughts EVERY Girl Has When She Turns 25!
To turn 25 can be a great thing! It can also be an age of great confusion and turmoil. But somehow we manage, we fight to see each day through. A woman has several weird thoughts when she turns 25, here are a few of them!

1. Sh*t. This is it man. Damn. The big 25. Wow. Crap.

2. I’m old now. Might as well start acting like it... Wait, does this mean I have to be a "proper" adult now?

3. But I’m not really old, right? 25 is still very young, no? Oh, whatever, I will convince myself that I'll be young, bold and beautiful - forever

3 turn 25

4. When did I even turn 25 though? Like, seriously. I haven’t done anything in life yet.

5. I was just learning how to be 24, damn it! And I didn’t even learn it right.

6. My mom was already married by the time she was 25. Hmm… And she still seems really happy that she did.

6 turn 25

7. Should I get married soon too? Sharma ji ka beta does sound like a very nice boy.

8. Maybe I should, otherwise I might end up forever alone. Or I can have seven cats. YAY!

9. Am I what random kids call an "aunty" now? Oh please tell me that’s not true!

9 turn 25

10. But I can legally drink everywhere now! Isn't this suppose to be the best year ever?!

11. Should I even attempt to drink like an 18 year old though? Probably not.

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12. Do my folks think I’m still a kid? They probably do. They still call their 40 year old siblings a kid.

12 turn 25

13. Can I still be a goofball occasionally? Because, really, I don't think I can help it much.

14. Am I useless at life if I don’t know how to cook yet? Probably. Ughh, stupid aloo sabzi is keeping me from being an independent, self sustaining woman.

15. The doctors said period cramps would stop by now. Maybe it’s just my body. Clearly it is *not* a wonderland.

15turn 25

16. So this is what a quarter-life crisis feels like, huh? Every damn day the thought of it follows me like an evil shadow.

17. Oh, f*ck it. Bring it on, crisis!! I'll show you what I'm made of.

18. No, actually, don’t "bring it". I can’t fight you. I can barely still fight my yawns when people are talking to me.

18 turn 25

19. Am I the only one who is perpetually exhausted? Why me then? Always? WTH?

20. I need to go cry for no reason. Is this year going to be a constant PMS phase? Oh look, a kitten gif. *Cries again*

21. I’m just lost a little in life. It’ll be okay. It will. I gotta have some faith.

21 turn 25

22. But WHEN exactly will it be okay? Just for five minutes, everyday? Better make the most of it.

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23. Why am I putting on weight without even eating anything? This never happened before. My body is betraying me!!

24. I will start working out tomorrow. I swear it!

24 turn 25

25. I’m fabulous the way I am. (Or, at least, I can pretend to be until I actually am!)

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