11 Things You'll Get If He Is Your *Almost* Boyfriend!

11 Things You'll Get If He Is Your *Almost* Boyfriend!
He's not your man (yet) but you aren't exactly single either, right? While non-traditional relationships are totally cool; almost boyfriends can be a pain! The mixed signals, "sometimes yes, sometimes no" bother you but you don’t want to get out of it just yet. Here are 11 things you will 100% relate to if bae isn't ready to label things and make it formal!

1. Don't Call Me Baby!

Oh, sure! When it's just you two around then it's all "baby this", "honey that", but the second other people are around, it’s the first time you hear him say your actual name!

1 almost boyfriend

2. InstaLike!

He's *technically* not your boyfriend, right? So, he can comment and like any other girl's pics on Instagram, right? WRONG. So wrong. But you can't say anything because you ain't his goddam girlfriend yet!

3. The Flirting Game

Same rules apply to flirting - he can put on all the swagger he wants and flirt *innocently* and you're just there like, "GET YOUR EYES OFF MY MAN. That's right, MY man!" - only in your head though, OBV!

3 almost boyfriend

4. Basically Facebook...

Facebook and generally the online world as a whole are difficult things to navigate when it comes to being with an almost-bae. What if you find something you don’t want to see, but have no power of questioning him over it?! #2k16Problems

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5. Test Those Taana Skills

Even though you can't really, really confront almost-bae, you can send taanas and signals his way to let him know what is going to fly in this situation and what is going to make you plain, damn mad!

5 almost boyfriend

6. One Day To The Next

There's little to no consistency when it comes to being in an almost relationship. Sometimes things are amazing and perfect! You and bae are on the phone talking till midnight but sometimes your phone may as well be used as a paperweight (that gets calls from your mom and sister mainly). #UGH!

7. RBF (Resting Bitch Face)

Clearly, being in this situation isn't exactly ideal and it can make you seem like the grinch to other people. It's not your fault that you constantly have mood swings - you just don't know what the hell is going on with your love life!

7 almost boyfriend

8. Is Butter A Carb?

Stressed is just desserts spelt backwards - need we say more?! You have a an and off relationship with every bakery in town at the moment.

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9. Call Me, Maybe?

Can you ask him to call you? Not really... Can you call him after he didn't respond to your last text? Hmm...iffy. So, waiting (not pathetically, of course) by the phone it is then!

9 almost boyfriend

10. Labels Vs Ladies

There is a whole WhatsApp group dedicated to deciphering the interactions between you and your almost boyfriend - but let's be honest, the girls are getting pretty damn pissed off about hearing about your #ManDrama! If one more person says, "but he's not your boyfriend, na? so..."

11. What Does It ALL Mean?!

We know it's stressful AF out there for the "single/ taken/ not sure" - but at the end of the day; if it's what makes YOU happy and it works for you and bae - then who cares about labels anyway?!

11 almost boyfriend

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