10 Things We *Wish* Men Knew About Us!

10 Things We *Wish* Men Knew About Us!
Men are always telling us women how they find it hard to understand us. Guys, we don’t like being judged for things that you don’t get about us, okay? OKAY? So, here’s simplifying stuff for you. Here’s 10 things we wish you guys knew about us that would make life a tad bit easier. ;)

1. Not all girls take hours to get dressed

You know what annoys us the most? The fact that boys think that we all take hours to get dressed. You will be surprised to know that a lot of girls actually take like 15 mins to get ready this includes a shower, a shave (thanks to the Gillette Venus razor, hair removal is a matter of only few minutes), make up and getting dressed. We would like you to take that into consideration and stop telling us to hurry up all the time.

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2. Alone time? We want it too!

We too like to spend an entire day alone in the house with almost nothing to do. Just like you love to be in your boxers playing games with no disturbance, we love to do the same too. Pajamas, books and a cup of coffee? Yeah that is sometimes our ideal way of spending a weekend too.

3. Ignore the hair. Please.

We love to make you feel special and sometimes (or most) put a lot of effort into looking our best. But we would love it if you wipe off that mortified look off your face when you see hair on our body. Want to know a tiny secret? It’s perfectly natural! We are human, we have hair. Some days we are too lazy to do anything about it on others we have the Gillette Venus razor with its special aloe vera strip that helps us get rid of even the tiniest of hair in one smooth stroke. Not just that, the strip also lets us know when it’s time to get a new razor.

things we wish boys knew

4. There is no such thing as being “unladylike”

Not sure why the word exists because we all do these so called ‘unladylike’ acts all the time. And for once, we’d like for all the men out there to not even bat an eyelid when we do. Have you ever tried sitting with your legs crossed all day long! It’s really not even possible. We are totally at ease sitting with our legs wide apart. Don’t rain on our parade? Thanks!

5. Our girlfriends mean the world to us!

Our girlfriends matter to us and we take their opinions very seriously. If they don’t like something about you, chances are that we won’t either. We talk to our best friends about *EVERYTHING* but rest assured that we are also very good at keeping mum about the things that matter to you. We are that loyal, always :)

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6. Excuse us during that time of the month!

We act like complete maniacs during that time of the month and this is probably the only time we will blatantly admit it. We hope you understand that we might crave for food that we won’t finish, would want you to leave us alone but also want you to stay close and do a bunch of other things that might not make sense to you. In our defence, these are just our hormones that we have no control over. It doesn’t count ;)  #JustSaying!

7. Remember the little things

It's the E word- Effort! We love it when guys know tiny details about us and our lives. It just makes us feel super special and can make us smile like fools all day long (you have no idea!). We like to be surprised and are very happy to know that you care. Things like our favourite TV shows, the brand we love to shop from or just our favourite food - we love the attention and think that it's absolutely adorable when you give it to us! Thanks in advance <3

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8. Don’t mention your ex-girlfriend too often?

Imagine if we kept gushing about our past relationships and what a perfect gentleman our ex was? Doesn’t feel too great does it? Girls won’t say it too often but we secretly wish that you would put your past where it belongs...in the past! We would like to believe that you are over your past and nothing makes us happier than knowing that you are well and truly over your ex.

9. Break up with us rather than cheat on us

Yes! It's hard. Getting over someone is hard. But it’s even harder to deal with a cheating partner. Leave us before even thinking of cheating on us. Yes, the pain will be excruciating but it will be much better than knowing that someone cheated on you. We love honest men and any form of honesty (however painful) is always welcome.

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10. Important dates. Please don’t forget!

Okay! So, women are absolute suckers for romance. If you remember tiny dates, not just major anniversaries, it just makes us feel super special. The first time we met, the first time we went on an ice cream date, the first time we kissed. It just shows us you care :)

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