13 Sneaky Things EVERY Girl Does When Her Parents Aren’t Home!

13 Sneaky Things EVERY Girl Does When Her Parents Aren’t Home!
No matter how old we are and what we do, parents not being home always seems exciting and fun. As soon as mom and dad are outta that door, our mind goes on an overdrive to all the sneaky, crazy stuff we can do when we have the house to ourselves! Here are a few things we all have done, and ideas for those who still have the chance. *wink*

1. Raided the cookie jar!

Because mom never let us have too many of those. Those were always for “when the guests come over”.

1 home alone

2. Watched “that” show on TV.

There was always that one show our parents never let us watch, for whatever reason! So we grabbed a ton of popcorn and switched to that channel till we could hear our parents’ car parking outside the house!

3. Ordered a large pizza and devoured it all at once.

Our parents would never allow us to do that. Not even on our birthday. Nope!

3 home alone

4. Played dress up and modeled around in mom's clothes and jewellery!

Somehow, moms always seem to have nicer clothes, jewellery and shoes... Basically, everything. And so we decided to give it all a try when she’s not around!

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5. Tried to make whacky cocktails using dad’s stash of alcohol!

AND gave them even weirder names! Eg: Banacolada!

5 home alone

6. Chatted on the phone till the end of time!

And well, the time did end - but neither did we run out of people to talk to, nor things to talk about. Feels cool to walk around the entire house gossiping with your BFF without ANY interruptions, right?

7. Invited our besties over for a mini party!

Coca cola + Maggi + Songs and we were sorted! #BestPartyEver

7 home alone

8. Sneaked him in!

Of course we did! And we also had a detailed emergency escape plan for him which was to be strictly followed if they came home sooner than expected or unannounced!

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9. Prank called a friend or an old crush!

Did you just go “hahahaha” in your head? :P Yeah, we did too! Prank calling people was ALWAYS so much fun! Especially with your bestie added in a conf. call!

9 home alone

10. Sneaked out of the house for a bit!

Just for the thrill of it! And because our parents had told us not to leave the house till they got back! :p

11. Conducted outrightly weird food experiments!

Flour + Jello + Cheese + Jam. We have mixed all kinds of weird-tasting potions inside the kitchen feeling like a masterchef. And then obviously dumped the final dish in the trash!

11 home alone

12. Ahem… Explored ourselves!

No denying here. #GuiltyAsCharged

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13. Roamed around naked!

We have all done this at least once! Okay, maybe not completely naked but we have all roamed the house semi-naked!

13 home alone

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