10 Things *Every* Bride Must Know Before Her Wedding Night

10 Things *Every* Bride Must Know Before Her Wedding Night
We know you’ve thought about your wedding night way too many times. It’s only normal to do so – trust us. But before D-Day/ night actually arrives, here are some things you need to know.

1. It may not be the most romantic night of your life

You’re forgetting what all preceded this night - probably 3-5 days of back-to-back festivities. If you’re feeling like a dead duck, it’s totally normal.

2. You’re allowed to be more tired than him

For starters, he didn’t wear a lehenga that weighs some 20 kgs, for five hours. It’s really okay if you are exhausted and he feels fresh as a daisy. You’ll just have to be vocal with him about the level of your exhaustion.

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3. Conversely, he could be exhausted and that shouldn’t offend you

Just because he didn’t endure stilettos doesn’t mean he has no reason to be exhausted. He may just have lost out on a lot sleep either in the last few days. So cut him some slack, ladies.

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4. The night is special with or without sex

Do not underestimate the power of a good cuddle. You have the rest of your life to have wild sex. Just let the moment sink in – you are now man and wife. Just snuggle up and savour it all.

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5. If you’re having sex – congratulations!

You are officially consummating your marriage – and of course that’s special. We bet it’s something you’ve thought about a lot. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time (in life or with him) because it’s your first time as his wife, and we bet that’s got a charm of its own.

6. Midnight snack, lovebirds?

Maybe that romp in the sack got ya’ll hungry? Or perhaps because eating hasn’t really been a priority in the past few days and now that it’s over, your hunger pangs are good. Either way – get room service or step down from your hotel suite to grab a bite. It may not seem like the ideal first night thing to do, but it’s romantic anyway, isn’t it?

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7. Stay away from your phone

It’s tempting to check your phone because all your friends and family must be pinging to check on you! It’s natural. But you can always respond to all of that the next day. Make sure this night is about you and him – no distractions.

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8. You gotta think of protection

Yeah, you are newly married and you may not want to sit and worry about things like contraception. It’s a good idea to visit a gynaecologist before your wedding for you to have your birth control plan in place. Ideally, you both should be on the same page about safe sex and planned parenthood to enjoy your first night.

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9. An indication of things to come?

It’s not the best idea to base all your expectations on how things go on the first night. By that we mean that no matter how it goes, it really doesn’t set the precedent for the rest of your life. So if the sex wasn’t too great, please don’t freak out! You both are exhausted, remember? Besides it takes most couples quite some time to fall into a rhythm.

10. It’s okay if you aren’t too excited about it

Just because your friend was over the moon on her wedding night and you are not really feeling it, doesn’t mean you are not happy being married. It’s probably just that you’re a tad bit more overwhelmed about your new life. It’s okay to feel whatever it is that you’re feeling in that moment. Truth is, this is just the beginning and you have so many more milestones coming up - so much to look forward to!

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