10 Things You’ll Get If Your Elder Sister Just Got Married!

10 Things You’ll Get If Your Elder Sister Just Got Married!
You were the centre of attention at her wedding. You did the invites, supervised the décor, managed pick-drops for guests, coordinated the entertainment – hell, you ran the show! And all of this doesn’t end once the ceremonies are over, dear sisters-of-the-bride. You have a bunch of things to deal with if you have a newly married elder sister. Read on…

1. Preparing for the many firsts

After the wedding comes the first Lohri, first Karwachauth, first Diwali…the list is endless. You have to make your married elder sister feel special on all of these occasions and make them highly festive and fun. The responsibility lies on you and you have to help your parents execute their plans for all these events.

1 newly married elder sister

2. Regular visits to your sister’s new home

This doesn’t always have to be by invite. You have an extended family now and paying a visit every now and then is expected of you, and is the right thing to do. You get a taste of the new life that your sister has started living, and she will always be more than happy to see a familiar face around.

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3. You’ve got to be there for her, COME WHAT MAY

Be it through your regular visits or phone conversations or unplanned coffee dates with the sister, you have to be around and make her feel that her family is there if she needs anything at all. If she calls you saying she wants to meet up or chat up on the phone, drop everything and do as she says.

4. She will vent, and you have to pacify her somehow

Adjusting in a new home with new people around can be quite a challenge. Part of this process also entails some cribbing and venting moments on the part of your newly married sister. Hear her out and pacify her in the best way that you can. Explain to her that everyone faces these hurdles in a new place and that things will fall in place very soon.

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5. People will hound you till you post the wedding album on Facebook

You will often be at the receiving end of random messages and calls from distant relatives or even aunties who almost never contact you, because they want to see photos from the day they dressed up and attended your sister’s wedding. Take it from us, the sooner you post the album, the easier people will be on you. Make sure you select the pictures carefully and don’t miss out on anyone.

6. Need we say this? There will be a lot of curiosity about when you’re tying the knot

Does this need any further explanation? You’re the obvious next target. All the best, girls.

7. You have a new family member whom you have to bond with

Till the wedding, he was your sister’s fiancé who dropped by every once in a while. But now he lives with you sister full-time! You got yourself a brand new family member and now is the time you’ve got to bond and celebrate all occasions together.

7 newly married elder sister

8. Sometimes, you will REALLY miss her *tear rolls down the cheek*

That moment when you get back home after all the wedding madness is over and are so tired that you can’t even feel your legs – don’t make the mistake of going to her room. Seeing her room empty, or her side of the bed which isn’t occupied, will be a difficult situation, dear loving little sister. You’re also going to miss those late night chats, after the lights are out. Besides, if you need advice, she won’t be in the next room or lying down next to you. You’re probably going to have to text or call her. *Sigh*

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9. You have so many gorgeous outfits to borrow now that she has a brand new wardrobe

A newlywed’s wardrobe is the best equipped it can ever be! So next time you have a wedding or a happening party to attend, just let your sister know, and you’ll have umpteen outfits to choose from and borrow from her.

10. All of a sudden, you’re the oldest or the only kid in the house!

That’s more responsibility that you think. The older one handled it when she was around, and you’ve got to fill her shoes. An added perk is that most of the attention is also on you, ladies. ;-)

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