Not Going For Coldplay? Here's What To Do With Rs 5,000 Instead!

Not Going For Coldplay? Here's What To Do With Rs 5,000 Instead!
Coldplay is really, truly, officially, for sure coming to India and you haven’t been able to book tickets for their show! Instead of crying in a corner and cursing your luck, why don’t you indulge in some retail therapy? Here are all the super cool things you can buy with the 5k you didn’t spend on Coldplay!

1. This hot leather jacket…

1 coldplay in india

Because winter is coming and this jacket just looks fabulous, even if you aren't going to be wearing it at the Coldplay concert!

Price: Rs 4,999. Buy it here.

2. A whole trip to McLeodganj & Triund!

2 coldplay in india

Who needs a concert when you can go on a whole freaking 4 day trip to McLeodganj?! And it’s only Rs 3,990, so you have enough money to shop at the nice Tibetan markets there too.

Price: Rs 3,990. Book here.

3. A cute pink polaroid camera

3 coldplay in india

So you can click and keep all your memories from your awesome McLeodganj trip forever!

Price: Rs 4,350. Buy it here.

4. An Estee Lauder Makeup & Skincare Kit + A MAC lipstick

4 coldplay in india

You can save for months and spend it all on one night, or you can spend that money to pamper yourself with this amazing kit and then look your best for months with the MAC lipstick. The choice is yours..

Price: Makeup Kit: Rs 3,397. Buy it here. + MAC Lipstick: Rs 1,450. Buy it here.

5. A whole new smartphone!!!

5 coldplay in india

Now do you feel like the tickets are exorbitant? Because we sure do. Gonna go listen to Fix You on the new smartphone now!

Price: Rs 4,999. Buy it here.

6. This rose gold watch which is absolutely stunning

6 coldplay in india

This gorgeous watch-bracelet from Titan Raga collection has our hearts. Think of how you’ll glow when you sport it!

Price: Rs 4,795. Buy it here.

7. A fancy fine dining experience with your significant other..

7 coldplay in india

At the Lodhi Gardens, no less! We bet you’ll like this more than getting pulled, prodded and pinched at an overcrowded concert.

Price: Rs 4,090. Buy it here.

8. Or just 30 happy meals from McDonald’s…

8 coldplay in india

You could start your own toy collection.

9. A Ralph Lauren silk scarf

9 coldplay in india

You don’t have to be a shopaholic to appreciate a truly gorgeous high-fashion scarf.

Price: Rs 4,950. Buy it here.

10. A stay at the Sula Vineyards with 5 other friends!

10 coldplay in india

Your stay will come to about 4,500 bucks per head and will include a breakfast, a tour of the beautiful Sula Vineyards in Nasik and a wine tasting at their winery. Ready to feel fancy and grown up?

Price: Rs 4,500 approx. Book here.

11. A speaker system

11 coldplay in india blast Coldplay songs at full volume in the comfort of your home.

Price: Rs 5,000. Buy it here.

12. These super stylish wedges from Steve Madden

12 coldplay in india

Step out in style with these metallic wedges!

Price: Rs 4,899. Buy it here.

13. This comfy bean bag + this adorable blanket

13 coldplay in india

Who wants to go out when you can cuddle up in your music-themed bean bag with your soft pink blanket?

Price: Bean Bag: Rs 3,699. Buy it here. Blanket: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.

14. A silk eye mask with a gun and target alarm clock

14 coldplay in india

So that nothing disturbs your beauty sleep! (But you’ll have to shoot this alarm clock to shut it up!)

Price: Eye Mask: Rs 2,498. Buy it here. Alarm Clock: Rs 2,361. Buy it here.

15. This fabulous leather bag from ZARA

15 coldplay in india

This bag is love. It’s just what you need, trust us.

Price: Rs 4,990. Buy it here.

16. A spa day!

16 coldplay in india

Gift yourself a few hours of luxury. Go in for Alaya’s signature beauty ritual package which includes a facial, a body scrub and a pedicure.

Price: Rs 4,500 plus taxes. Buy it here.

17. A new signature scent

17 coldplay in india

We love this one from YSL!

Price: Rs 4,950. Buy it here.

18. A sailing experience

18 coldplay in india

Staying in Mumbai but missed out on the Coldplay tickets? Why not use that money for something like 2 hours of sailing? It looks like so much fun!

Price: Rs 4,950. Buy it here.

19. Real gold earrings from Tanishq!

19 coldplay in india (1)

You know what’s a good investment for the future and also really pretty? Gold.

Price: Rs 4,798. Buy it here.

20. A money bank for all the money you’ve saved!

20 coldplay in india

This quirky money bank comes with a lock and enough space to keep your valuables safe. You can start by putting the 2,601 bucks you’ve saved by not buying Coldplay tickets into this!

Price: Rs 2,399. Buy it here.

So go on and splurge on these awesome goodies!

And if you're in Delhi, come have a day full of fashion, makeup and fun with us at the POPxo Big Fab Fest on October 15th! (It's absolutely free!)

Featured Image: Coldplay on Facebook