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10 Ways To Lift Your Mood (And Cry Less!) On Your Wedding Day!

10 Ways To Lift Your Mood (And Cry Less!) On Your Wedding Day!

It’s a day you and your family have waited for, for years, after all. Not only are you dealing with the fact that you’re going to be sharing your life with a man, but the idea of leaving your family and living with a brand new one also is playing on your mind. It IS, indeed, a very emotional day! But let this not bog down the glow and happiness of the bride, we say. We present to you 10 ways to lift your mood if you’re feeling too emotional on your wedding day. After all, happy brides look the prettiest, right?

1. BFFs to the rescue

Aren’t they the best at such times? What else are BFFs there for anyway? To lift your mood when you’re feeling not-so-great. Having them around and having a great time with them on a day like this helps you take your mind off things you’re sentimental about. 1 emotional on your wedding day

2. Dancing your way out of it

Feeling cranky and emotional? Hit the dance floor, ladies! Take along your bunch of cousins and friends and jam together. Not only will this relieve you, but you’ll also get some amazing dance pose pictures with your peeps in the bargain. And imagine what a fun bride you’ll be, dancing away at your wedding. Also read: What To Do If You’re On Your Period On Your Wedding Day

3. Have your sentimental chats before the wedding

Most of us girls like to have that one emotional chat with our father, one with mother, one with the brother, one with each of our friends, one with the dog too, perhaps, when we’re getting married. “Waterworks” are bound to go off during such chats. So we suggest you don’t wait to have those chats on the day of the wedding. Instead, have them a few days prior to the big day and finish your quota of tears beforehand. ;-)

4. No alcohol, please

If you’re already very emotional on your wedding day, having a drink or two will only add to that feeling. So lest you want it to get out of hand and have runny makeup thanks to excessive crying, keep those cocktails at bay, we say.
4 emotional on your wedding day

5. Hug it out

A hug can work wonders, brides-to-be. Without saying too much, give you daddy or your bestie a long and tight hug. You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel right after. So hug it out, ladies.

6. Breathers in the washroom

Being around so many people and being watched all along can get a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re already not feeling too great. In such moments, some alone time helps. Take regular washroom breaks for breathers, freshen up, and get back in the game!

7. Think about the exciting honeymoon that follows right after!

They say when you’re feeling down and out, it always helps to think of happier things. In this case, think about all the exciting bookings you have in place for your honeymoon. You’re going to have the time of your life with the new husband, aren’t you?! 7 emotional on your wedding day

8. Have some dessert (no point counting calories now)

Sugar should help too. Yummy desserts are such mood lifters, and you’re bound to have plenty of options at the wedding function to choose from. Gorge on some jalebis, we suggest. *yummers* Also read: 8 Sweet Things No One Tells You About Living With In Laws

9. Think of how GORGEOUS you look at your wedding ;-) Time for another photograph!

If nothing works, this one surely could. You’re definitely looking like a dream on the day, so might as well maintain that gorgeous look and keep smiling, right? Go ahead and pose for as many photos as possible with your family and besties.  

10. Last but definitely not the least – look at how happy HE looks!

As you get emotional about leaving your parents’ home and moving in with a new family, look at how happy your husband is on his wedding day, now that he knows that from this day on, he starts a new life with you. We guarantee that this sight will make you smile and forget about all your worries and extreme emotions. 10 emotional on your wedding day GIFs: Tumblr, Giphy
Published on Sep 1, 2016
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