10 Things Shy Girls Say (And What They *Actually* Mean!)

10 Things Shy Girls Say (And What They *Actually* Mean!)
Have you ever gone red in the face when someone appreciated you in public or have you cooked up a detailed excuse in order to avoid going to a party? If you have, then my friend, you may be one of the shy beings of this planet, and you know what? That’s totally cool! Just to let the world know what you really mean when you say stuff being the shy self you are, let’s do this!

1. On a first date when he asks you if you want a drink...

What you say: Oh no, thanks. I'll get one in a bit.

What you mean: IF I decide that I won't be needing to escape you in a hurry.

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2. When you go out for dinner with other people and someone asks you what you want to have...

What you say: Oh, what is everyone else having?

What you mean: I hope someone is ordering the risotto so I can get the pasta because I really just want both.

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3. When your crush asks you out...

What you say: Oh! Sure, okay...

What you mean: Yay! Yes! YES! Of course, I will go out with you. I've only been waiting for you to ask for a MONTH!

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4. When you are asked to dance at a party...

What you say: Oh no, I have two left feet. I really shouldn’t.

What you mean: I can dance like Shakira all right but OMG there’s like a trillion people here!

5. When your boss asks you if you will take up the responsibility of delivering a presentation...

What you say: Of course!

What you mean: You actually want ME to talk in front of people I have never spoken to? Are you bonkers?! This will need hours of practice.

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6. When someone appreciates you in public...

What you say: *Awkward laugh + blushing* Thank you!

What you mean: WHYYY? Why would you put me in this position where I start resembling a tomato and have no idea what to say with everyone's eyes on me?!

7. When you are invited to a party where you won’t know many people...

What you say: Oh, I have would love to come but my sister is coming to stay with me over the weekend. Can’t possibly leave her alone!

What you mean: Dodging any kind of eye contact and personal conversations (not to mention awkward silences) during the long hours of the party without my support system of friends is just too much work. I would rather be home alone in my PJs.

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8. When you go out shopping and the sales lady asks you to come out of the trial room and show her how the dress looks on you...

What you say: That's alright, it fits just fine! Thanks!

What you mean: There’s no way in hell I am coming out to show EVERYONE what I am trying on. *Clicks a selfie*

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9. When you are in a train and you have the lower berth, but an aunty requests you to give her yours and take her top berth instead...

What you say: Sure auntyji!

What you mean: It is my berthright, and only because you are making me uncomfortable I am giving it up. And because I'm a genuinely nice person! *rolls eyes secretly*

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10. When people say “Hey, don’t be shy!” in any context whatsoever...

What you say: *Just smile awkwardly*

What you mean: Hey, just shut up!

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