10 Things People Say When They *Suspect* You Have A Boyfriend!

10 Things People Say When They *Suspect* You Have A Boyfriend!
We may have reached the moon but somehow, having a boyfriend is still looked down upon by our society. Why? We absolutely do not understand! The best part is our immediate family may or may not be as bothered about the issue but if you have a boyfriend, or even if some aunty ji or uncle ji or door ka rishtedaar suspects you do… Here’s what all you get to hear!

1. When you are talking to someone on the phone and the pados wali aunty ji sees you…

Kya baat hai, aaj-kal toh badi baatein shaatein ho rahin hain phone pe. Kaun hai? Lai, mere ko toh bata hi sakti hai, main toh teri friend jaisi hi hun!”

Since when, aunty ji?

1 suspect you have a boyfriend

2. When someone drops you home…

Ahem… Beta. Who is that handsome boy who came to drop you home?”

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3. When you have had a male bestie since forever and your relatives think you guys are more than just friends…

“Accha woh tera dost <insert bestie’s name> kaisa hai? Kahaan hai aaj-kal?

3 suspect you have a boyfriend

4. When you get a late night phone call (anything past 9 is late BTW)

“Kiska phone tha itni raat ko? Koi ladka hai kya?” *semi angry intrigued stare*

5. When you step out wearing a new dress…

“Oh wow! Awesome dress!” *awkward nudging* “Kisko impress karna hai? Haan? Haan? *awkward winking*

5 suspect you have a boyfriend

6. When some door ka rishtedaar spotted you with an office colleague…

“That guy you were with today... Arre, the one you were having coffee with...who is he? What is his name? What does he do?” Blah, blah, blah… 1 million questions follow!

7. When you are at a shaadi, and some random aunty ji asks your mom when is she planning to marry you off…

Arre ask her na, aajkal ke bacche toh khud hi dhundh lete hain! See how she is blushing!”

It’s the sun aunt! It’s a day wedding in summer! For the love of God!

7 suspect you have a boyfriend

8. When you dress up or put on make up…

“Ahem ahem? Going on a date kya? Bata na… Kiske saath?”

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9. When you plan to go for a vacay with your friends…

Random pesky cousin: “Kiske sath ja rahe ho? Boyfriend ke saath?”

You: “No, friends ke sath

Pesky cousin: “Toh fir hum bhi chalte hain...kyun theek hai na?” *fake-I-want-to-kill-you-laugh*

9 suspect you have a boyfriend

10. When you put up a status on whatsapp or facebook…

Oho...Ye status kiske liye hai? Tell na? Someone special? Arre tell naa!” *blocked*

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