13 Things Women Do Best - Dear Boys, You *Wish* You Could!

13 Things Women Do Best - Dear Boys, You *Wish* You Could!
In the ever-long battle of the sexes, we’ve come to a point in this world where both the sexes aim for equality and freedom and we are all in for it! But until that comes, check out these 13 things women can pull off that men can only hope they could!

1. Two words - retail therapy!

Men can’t feel the awesome and soothing feeling of a great retail therapy session. Yup, it’s a thing. Heartbreak? Weight gain? Bad grades? We can cure any kind of sadness with just a little money and a shopping spree.

2. Looking FAB without expensive things

We don’t need ‘em expensive suits to look like a million bucks. A simple thrift shopped dress works just fine! Women can do wonders with the clothes they bought on a street shopping spree; men can only dream of this stuff!

2 things only women can do

3. Free drinks - aw, yeah!

Ladies night and the free drinks it involves is a God-sent gift! Sure, sometimes, we do feel the need to point out that it’s unfair to men. But for all the other times, in our defence, it’s really hard to say no to a good cosmo.

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4. Multiple orgasms

Yes, we don’t need time to wait and reload. We are always ready to go as long as you have the right moves!

4 things only women can do

5. Fake it till we make it!

And when that doesn’t work, we can fake it like a #boss! It's not great in the long run, we know, but at least we have the option of faking it!

6. Never getting rejected

Let’s be honest now, when a woman is on a mission, she gets shit done. And if that mission is to get laid - it’s *going* to happen guys. There’s no two ways about it.

6 things only women can do

7. Instantly look taller with heels

Being short is not a bane for us. It gives us the ability to pull off two kinds of looks - the cutesy short one and once we add a pair of heels, the sexy tall one!

8. Get out of sticky situations...smoothly!

There’s nothing a smile won’t do for us. Be it getting excused of a challan or getting a little extra discount. We can talk and smile our way out of almost everything!

8 things only women can do

9. Blame it on PMS

And when the smile fades and the darkest cloud of mood swings takes over, we have someone to put the blame on...and for legit reasons too!

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10. Multi-tasking...because we can!

Cooking our dinner while texting our BFF the latest gossip and catching the latest episode of our favourite tv show - it’s easy peasy! We multi-task and we mean it!

10 things only women can do

11. Cover up a zit

Both men and women go through sudden pimple outbreaks, it’s only human. But we, women, have a bunch loads of concealers and makeup tricks up our sleeves that will instantly fix them which men, of course, would never try. Sorry, but this one’s totally on you, boys!

12. Live longer!

Hello to longer and healthier life! It has been proven that women outlive men so, like, yeah, see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya! *evil grin*

12 things only women can do

13. Get turned on...without people finding out!

We don’t need to keep sitting down on one spot or a magazine to cover our oh-so-obvious boner. We can be turned on and keep chit-chatting with the guy like everything’s cool at the same time! Multi-tasking Level: Infinity PLUS one!

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