10 Things Men Love Hearing… But Might Not Admit To!

10 Things Men Love Hearing… But Might Not Admit To!
Men aren’t as simple as they portray themselves to be. Even they have feelings and emotions they don’t want to show but appreciate when we understand them anyway. So here are a few things men love hearing but might not openly admit to it...

1. “That woman across the room just checked you out”

Yes, he will make it seem like it's no big deal really, but trust us, he is secretly enjoying the attention. (From you obviously, not the other woman!)

1 things men love hearing

2. “Hey, I really don’t feel like doing anything fancy. Can we just stay in, and may be play some video games?”

And whether or not you win the game, you have won his heart for sure!

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3. “I had fun last night. Your friends are really cool!”

There is nothing more awesome than knowing that the love of your life gets along with your friends and actually has fun hanging out with him. Without any pressure!

3 things men love hearing

4. “I picked up some beer for your friends. The big soccer match is tonight, right?”

And you might not see it, but he's totally dancing in his head after this.

5. “How about we try something new in bed tonight? You pick!” *wink*

That’s gonna turn out to be one hell of a night for him!

5 things men love hearing

6. “Wow, your hair feels so...smooth. What did you do?!”

Because however carefree they may pretend to be, guys really, REALLY care about their hair. They won’t always admit it, but they do.

7. “Well, yeah I may be a tad bit jealous.”

It’s not like he tries to make you jealous, but it does make him feel loved, to see you get a tad bit jealous or possessive for him.

7 things men love hearing

8. “Hey, tonight, I'm taking you out. No arguments!"

Because he totally likes to be pampered too. You'll see!

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9. “How do your hands feel so soft?! Even softer than mine!”

He will never see this coming, and when you say it he will shrug it off. But he’s probably giggling inside! And the hand holding, obviously!

9 things men love hearing

10. “I love you, you're the best!”

Yes, they say they know it and you do not have to say it all the time, but they love hearing these three words from you. Small and sweet reminders like these are always welcome, right?

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