Every College Girl In India Will Totally Get *These* 13 Things!

Every College Girl In India Will Totally Get *These* 13 Things!
Being a girl is fun but never easy, and it becomes all the more complex when you’re a young Indian college going girl. To enjoy our college life to the fullest, we put up with a whole lot of craziness around us, don’t we? Here are 13 things that all college girls in India will relate to.

1. Whether your college is in Delhi or Andaman and Nicobar - there’s literally no place in this entire country where you have no relatives or distant relatives or relatives of distant relatives!

2. Traveling in public transport during rush hours is a struggle, a REAL struggle!

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3. And nothing irks you like those annoying stares and glares from strangers, no matter how “covered” you are!

4. Getting your parents’ approval for night-outs is indeed a tough task… And, oh, seeking approval for those weekend trips...is even tougher!! *sigh*

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5. Your parents constantly tell you to be careful when you’re out on your own and they make you read every single news piece about crime against women. Which is a good thing until they become absolutely obsessed with it and even start telling you about those scary episodes they watch in Savdhaan India or Crime Patrol!

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6. You don’t know what you did to become the hot favorite topic of discussion amongst those aunties in your neighbourhood! You wonder why don’t they just leave you alone and concentrate on their own daughters instead?!

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7. All your guy friends from college are under a strict vigil of your relatives and neighbours...and your brothers, of course!

8. You don’t post half of those crazy pictures you click in college on Facebook just because you don’t want to scandalize your relatives who coaxed you into accepting their friend requests!!

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9. You’ve got friends from almost all parts of the country - thanks to the cosmo culture of Indian colleges. You really need to thank them for all those local tips and tricks about fashion and beauty they taught you! *wink*

10. You realize that college-romances are not always as fancy as Karan Johar portrays them in his movies!! No background music, sorry!

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11. Everyone wants to know your “plans” after college and all your “well-wishers” try to convince you that marriage is the best one! *death stare*

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12. You are sick and tired of phrases that start with “When I was in college…” or  “Girls in college are not supposed to…” You just can’t wait for such conversations to end, forever.
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13. You get needless yet endless advice to become a lecturer instead - because most people you know think that this is the ONLY career option that Indian girls should opt for! *facepalm*

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