10 Things Every Mom-In-Law Wants To Tell Her New Bahu!

10 Things Every Mom-In-Law Wants To Tell Her New Bahu!
We’ve all at some point, (admit to it already!) watched those saas-bahu shows on TV, haven’t we? There are so many scenes in which the mom-in-law says a million things to her newlywed bahu. While some of them are said to her face, we get to know of the slightly nasty ones through a dialogue exchange in the saas’s head/ mind. Jokes apart, the new daughter-in-law is the latest entrant into the family, and now just as much the lady of the house as her MIL. Also, let’s not forget that the MIL’s beloved son is also the bahu’s doting husband now. Here’s what every mother-in-law would like to say to her new daughter-in-law. And it’s sweet. :-)

1. “You’re the one my son chose. You will always be treated as my daughter.” :-)

“Because love is all everyone really needs.”

1 things all mothers in law want to say

2. “Always love and support my son through thick and thin.”

“Having each other by your side will get you through everything, come what may.”

3. “Be patient.”

“Settling into a new house with new people can be overwhelming. Give it time and things will fall into place.”

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4. “I’d want us to have a healthy relationship. Fights and arguments happen in all families - doesn’t mean that relationships turn sour.”

“Because at the end of the day, we are family!”

4 things all mothers in law want to say

5. “Accept me for who I am. And I will do the same.”

“We all have our set of good traits and the not-too-good ones, don’t we?”

6. “Put all the stereotypes aside… Let’s be friends!”

“Won’t that make this a lot simpler? Life will be more fun!”

7. “At times, I may be possessive about my son. I will curb this feeling, but remember that he’s my son, after all.”

“Having such feelings at a moderate level is natural. He will always be my son, but I also know and respect the fact that he is your husband now.”

7 things all mothers in law want to say

8. “Respect my age and experience. Sometimes, I might just know better.”

“Because sometimes having a few more years of life experience can help.”

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9. “Help me get to know and bond with my grandchildren.”

“I will have them at some point, and I want to give them all my love, care and more!”

10. “Thank you!”

“For becoming a part of our family, and bringing more love and happiness into it.”

10 things all mothers in law want to say

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