9 Things You’ll Get If You LOVE Fashion But Are Just Too Lazy!

9 Things You’ll Get If You LOVE Fashion But Are Just Too Lazy!
You can literally give fashion writers a run for their money with your own (pretty impressive) knowledge of fashion trends. This doesn’t necessarily show on you though, because as easy as it is to "know" about these trends, it’s harder to put them in practice. Why, you wonder? Being the founding members of The Lazy Girls Club, we’re sure you’ll relate to what it is to love fashion but love being lazy too! :-P

1. You know layering is totally in, even if it’s in the form of weather-approved light layers.

But for that you’ll have to scour your entire cupboard and match separates in the desired colour tone...so, no thanks!

1 lazy girl who loves fashion

2. You own more pairs of shoes than an average person but you still wear your comfortable chappals every day.

Too lazy > shoe crazy, erryday!

3. You know street shopping will be so much more economical and you get some real gems there.

But wait, that would involve a lot of walking in the sun...so it’s not happening today...or ever.

3 lazy girl who loves fashion

4. You have amazing ideas for unique Indian clothes that are shaadi appropriate.

But buying material and then going to the Masterji and actually explaining all of those ideas?! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

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5. You have some awesome clothes but they’ve reached this black hole known as the back of your cupboard.

It’s easier to keep wearing the freshly washed ones rather than organize your cupboard!

5 lazy girl who loves fashion

6. When you look at an outfit, you know the exact makeup that’ll totally lift the whole look!

But a winged eye takes crazy concentration and effort so... *SMH*

7. You have watched a bazillion fashion DIY videos because they’re pretty.

You really think I’m going to tie and dye a white t-shirt or add rivets to my shoes?! *chuckles*

7 lazy girl who loves fashion

8. You need to go somewhere and have the perfect outfit picked out but realize it needs ironing.

Sorry blue dress, looks like you don’t get to step out today after all!

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9. You look at someone and size them up by the outfit they are wearing regardless of how you might be looking.

Hey, I may be a lazy girl but I definitely know fashion when I see it!

9 lazy girl who loves fashion

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