Dear Brides-To-Be, No Shaadi Is Complete Without *These* People

Dear Brides-To-Be, No Shaadi Is Complete Without *These* People
The great Indian shaadi is always a grand affair. We have all pictured our big day at least a thousand times in our head. From pin to piano, we'd want it all to be beautifully beautiful and perfectly perfect. And while a lot of brides these days opt for professional wedding planners, (that's a smart thing to do), one must know that a dream wedding cannot go off smoothly without the help of these super cool people. Thank God for such blessings!!!

1. The bestie who is always by your side

What would you have ever done without her? From braving your tantrums since the day your shaadi was announced to running errands at the last minute to make sure you are stress-free - she is God's gift, straight from heaven. Biggg huggg!

1 a dream wedding

2. Those rocking cousins

That joy, laughter, tears and your deepest, darkest secrets… There is so much that you have shared right since childhood and now, they are here to ensure their sweet sister has a smooth transition into her new life. Aww. And what's a shaadi without some family naach-gaana wala sangeet!

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3. That sibling who’ll handle it all

Your sister or brother who is your rock. You are nothing without them. No matter how much you've fought over the remote, or clothes, or your parent's love...this day is as big for them, as it is for you. And how else will the juta churane wali rasam be held without their fun-filled presence?

3 a dream wedding

4. That superb gang of aunts and uncles

From handling guests and looking after them throughout the shaadi functions to ensuring the mithai reaches the venue on time, these are your family's pillars of support. They make sure all this is as beautiful and smoothly executed as you imagined it.

5. That talented decorator

Despite his pricey talks, this is the guy who will set the stage for your life's biggest event. The flowers, the lighting, the red carpet, the chandeliers… If it wasn't for his 'haan sirji, sab ho jayega' attitude, your band, baaja and baaraat won't be as rocking as you pictured it in your head. Thank you, bhaiyaji!

5 a dream wedding

6. That patient mehendi wali

She knows her art well but to paint your hand with the gooey stuff that can easily stain your best upholstery and that gorge outfit, is quite a task. Especially when you can't sit still for more than 30 seconds! And what's a dulhan without those intricately hennaed hands and feet, right?

7. The makeup artist who gets it right

When all eyes are set on you, you’ve got to look nothing less than flawless. And the only person who can ensure this is your makeup artist. Perfect eyes, fancy hairdo, beautiful face - just like you wanted it!

7 a dream wedding

8. The skilled photographer

It takes a lot of talent and effort to be able to freeze the best moments of your big day. After all, all that remains of the day are these precious memories, and this guy (and his Photoshop tricks) will make sure you don't look tired and stressed in your shaadi pics that your great grandchildren will also see.

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9. The videographer who makes you a star

That one movie in which you are the star. While photos are important, a five-minute shaadi video that captures the essence and emotions of all the days - now that's what's crucial.

9 a dream wedding

10. Your parents <3

Nothing weaves magic into your big day other than their sheer presence. They go to every extent to make sure your wedding is nothing short of a fairytale. Blessed!

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