The First Time We Tried... A New Sex Position!

The First Time We Tried... A New Sex Position!
Me and my boyfriend of one year had been extremely happy in our relationship. We still had the "honeymoon phase" charm to our relation and the world looked and felt great from our rose tinted glasses. Yes, we’d gone all the way and slept together, and it had been absolutely amazing!

Every time we were in bed, it felt like we were discovering a new part, a new technique that both of us enjoyed and the excitement was raw and evident.

One night, we were hanging out at a friend’s place whose parents were out of town and had been assigned a private bedroom (friends are awesome that way, right?), when between a serious session of making out, he murmured “Do you want to try something new tonight? Get kinkier?” Me, being me, thought he wanted to try french kissing or something and hurriedly replied “Yeah, sure, why not?”

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“Really?” He said, “You’re cooler than I thought!”

“That I am! Looks like you have lots to know about me” I replied, laughing.

“Okay, so do you want to lie with your head on the right or left?” he asked

“What’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, I’ll have to be on the opposite side then, right?”

“Uh, why?” I asked, understanding that we were not on the same tangent here.

“69, baby, that’s what we are trying, right?”
Internal new sex position

I was a little shocked, to say the least. 69? I knew nothing about 69...what was I supposed to do? How was I supposed to do it? I knew nothing about french kissing either but I knew I could wing it, 69 was a different ball game altogether. I talked to him about my concerns to which he replied “It’s okay to be scared but I don’t know anything about it either, we’re just big deal.”

On second thought, it couldn’t be that bad, I told myself. And after all, you have to keep things fresh and spicy in the bedroom, right?

So I agreed. My head was on the right side of the bed and his was on the left, he got on top of me and my first thought was - wow, he’s heavy!

With his...thing practically on my mouth and some serious feelings building up down below, I found it hard to breathe! “Stop, stop!” I said, he quickly got off me and asked me if I was okay. “I’m fine” I said. “Just couldn’t breathe like that!”

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“Damn, I knew I shouldn’t have had that last slice of pizza”, he joked. I looked at him and this warm fuzzy feeling filled my heart. Here was a genuinely great guy lying next to me and I would be disappointing him by not trying out a silly little sex position? “Let’s try it with me on top!” I said, confident and determined.

Five minutes into it, however, I regretted it! It’s not all fun and games lying on top of someone have to be careful about so many things and you can’t just be on top with your full body weight because that is unfair for the other person. Ignoring the backache, I kept going until...his knee hit my face.

Yup, in the heat of the moment, he jerked his knee and at the same time I looked up resulting in a tragic collision of the two. It didn’t hurt a lot, a little for a while and then just stinged for the rest of the night but well, that did bring our "sexperimenting" to a halt.

All I’ll say is, it was fun while it lasted but I am definitely sticking to plain old missionary for a while! *wink*

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