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The First Time My Boyfriend Sent Me A *Steamy* Text!

The First Time My Boyfriend Sent Me A *Steamy* Text!
As much as I didn’t want to leave him behind, it was my cousin’s wedding and my entire family was travelling to Goa for it. It was the first time that Karan and I were going to be away from each other since we got together. We got into a relationship just 8 months ago and had grown quite attached.

Although I had promised him that I would text and call him, you know the drill with family weddings, right? You never have enough time on your hands! Everyone’s always on the run. I sent him a couple of texts during the day, but hadn’t got the chance to talk to him over the phone for 3 whole days now. An hour before the wedding, I called him and trust me, hearing his voice instantly made me melt.

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He told me that he missed my face and wanted to skype asap. Since I had family around, I promised him I’d send pictures. I quickly ran up to the hotel room, locked the doors, turned on my phone camera, and sent a bunch of selfies and pictures of my outfit to him. I saw him online, and watched the grey whatsapp tick marks turn blue, and waited patiently for a reply. Ten minutes later, all he sent was “wow!” Amused by his one-word reply, I asked him if everything was fine. He told me I look beautiful then but was a little upset because he wasn’t there with me.

I told him he’d have to wait for just two days until he can see my face again. As I made my way to the wedding hall, my phone beeped again and this time, Karan sent me a picture of him wearing just his boxer shorts. I couldn’t help but oggle at his muscular body.

Internal naughty text message

He then said, “If I was there with you right now, I would undress you slowly and plant soft kisses all over your body.” His message made my body tremble and I began to sext back. It led to us exploring this strange fantasy we shared, of making out in a public place, and not getting caught by any relative. All for the thrill of it, of course. And it was really thrilling! Because believe me, he didn’t have to be physically there to make me go weak on my knees, his words were enough.

While we were in the middle of sexting, my phone started ringing. It was from my sister! She was worried about where I was and wanted me to head to the reception venue immediately. I told Karan abruptly that I had to leave. I then freshened up in the washroom and joined the rest of my family at the reception. It was a night of fun, laughter and dancing till the break of dawn.

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Two days later, I returned to Mumbai. I met Karan at our favourite coffee shop at BKC. I told him about all the fun I had and how much I missed him. We then walked towards the car and before I could put in my key to open the door, he gently grabbed me by the waist and kissed me on my forehead. I wrapped my arms around him and gave him the tightest hug I could. It’s amazing how a short, interrupted sexting session actually brought us a bit closer to each other!  

That was the first of many similar steamy texts that followed. Not to mention, he now calls me beautiful every single day - even on days when I give kajal a miss and when I wear baggy pajamas on dates! :-)

*Names changed to protect privacy

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