Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable Tales About Asking "Do You Love Me?"

Sunday Shorts: 3 Adorable Tales About Asking "Do You Love Me?"

1. Love actually!

You know, "I love you" is a difficult thing to say, and you don’t just say it to anyone. But ever since I met him that sunny afternoon in July and he took me out on our first date, I knew I was falling in love. However, we’d met on an online dating app, so naturally everyone asked me to be cautious, and wait for the right moment. Six months passed… Between my cautious words and his cautious actions, the word "love" kinda disappeared. Then one day while we were watching the movie “Love Actually”, I looked at him during the climax and before I knew it, the words “Do you love me?” escaped my lips. I was scared, and my heart was beating faster, waiting for his answer. He looked at me, his lips turning into a smile, “I’m glad you asked”, he said as he swooped down to kiss me.

That was just the beginning of our happy ending and boy, am I glad I asked!

1 Tales about asking do you love me

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2. The shooting star

They had been best friends for 8 years now. As they stood on the terrace of her house, they saw a shooting star and immediately closed their eyes, and murmured wishes under their breath.

"What did you wish for?" he asked.

"I wished for us to be far apart" she said.

"Why?" he asked, a little taken aback.

"So that we would know exactly how it feels to not be with each other. So that I can finally muster up enough courage to tell you that I love you, and so that I am able to ask if you love me too..." she held her breath and his gaze.

"What did you wish for?" she asked him

"I wished for you to say yes when I asked you the same thing..."

2 Tales about asking do you love me

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3. I made a choice!

Is it possible to fall for two people at the same time? My experience tells me that yes, it is. I had to make a choice between the guy I was insanely attracted to, and the other one… With whom I could be "me". The one I could talk about the cosmos, love, religion, literally everything under the sun with.

Having to pick one of them to be with was killing me slowly every single day... Until, one day, in my darkest hour, he came to support me without asking any questions or demanding any explanations. That’s when I realized the difference between attraction and love, and ended up asking him "Do you love me?" I am glad he said yes. I may have not been attached to him initially, but my love grew stronger for him. After all, physical beauty fades away, but a beautiful heart lasts forever.

3 Tales about asking do you love me

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