10 Things EVERY Bengali And Punjabi Girl Has In Common!

10 Things EVERY Bengali And Punjabi Girl Has In Common!
India is full of many diverse cultures… We've all heard that, read that and said that about a million times by now! But usually the best part is when people from two really different cultures come together and realize they have way more in common than they thought was possible! So if you've been thinking that Bengalis and Punjabis are poles apart - think again! Because here are some surprising similarities that prove we have a LOT in common!

1. A major passion for, as they say, non-veg.

One girl’s butter chicken is another girl’s machher jhol.

2. Actually, a major obsession with ALL things food.

What is life without mishti and mithai, kebab and bhaja? Not worth living.

2 bengali and punjabi - eating gif


Always up for a no-judgement, let’s-have-a-really-large-peg session, us Punjabi and Bengali girls.

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4. And once drunk (or angry), totally expect us to revert to talking in our respective mother tongues.

Because an idiot isn't just an idiot then, he's a khota or a gandu.

5. A surprising ability to swear - and swear without embarrassment!

Nope, the ****chods and ***chodas are not just for the boys of this world.

5 bengali and punjabi - gaali gif

6. Har chance pe dance

For every Punjabi shaadi filled with bhangra steps is a Bengali cultural function with some Rabindra nritya. Which is why we’re dancing queens WHEREVER we go. We’re well trained.

7. But we’re also queens at being lazy AF!

Especially after lunch on Sunday. :P

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8. The absolutely ridiculous nicknames we get called at home...

For all the Pinkys and the Pinkus and Rinkys and Rinkus in the house!

8 bengali and punjabi - pet name gif

9. Just call us “Bargain Begums”!

It doesn't matter what the original price is. And it really doesn't matter how much we like it. We'll still only buy it for half the price - your "Fixed Price" board be damned.

10. We’re SO fierce!

Ever seen a Bengali or Punjabi girl quietly taking what’s being dished out to her by someone else, without standing up for herself? No? Us neither!

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