19 Signs Your BF Is Also Your BFF! *Aww*

19 Signs Your BF Is Also Your BFF! *Aww*
What would you give to have a two-in-one combo of a boyfriend and a best friend in one person? Anything, right? Well, there is high chance you already have that special person in your life but haven't realized it! Look out for these 19 signs that prove your BF is also your BFF! *dances around* 

1. You are as comfortable with him in your old torn PJ's sans makeup and a man bun as you would be in a tight fitted dress!

2. He is always among the first few people you send your goofy selfies to! #NoRegrets

2 boyfriend is your bestfriend

3. It is totally cool to split the bill or eat off each other’s plates because, formality? What’s that?!

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4. Your girlfriends are not the only ones who are a part of your daily dose of drama. You run to your S.O. as soon as you have a new piece of gossip!

4 boyfriend is your bestfriend

5. You can trust him when it comes to ordering food for you. And remember all your allergies.

6. High-fives are your go-to form of PDA.

6 boyfriend is your bestfriend

7. You can talk about anything - from life and its meaning to why pizza is the best!

8. You fight less about relationship issues and more about things like why he ate your biscuits...

8 boyfriend is your bestfriend

9. …but instantly get over it because you have to send him that joke you just saw!

10. He doesn’t get grossed out with the un-waxed version of you or when you talk periods!

10 boyfriend is your bestfriend

11. Your texting game is SO strong, you secretly call it "The Hulk!"

12. You expect to hear the truth when you ask “How do I look?” and he always gives you that!

12 boyfriend is your bestfriend

13. You dislike the people he hates and vice versa...just because!

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14. You have so many inside jokes, you could write a book out of them and it would be awesome!

14 boyfriend is your bestfriend

15. You have weird nicknames for each other that can be easily used as a threat in public!

16. You seriously wonder if you have the ability to read each other’s mind because one look is enough to know what the other is thinking!

16 boyfriend is your bestfriend

17. You know exactly what will make each other feel better on a bad day and you both know what they other really needs. Neither of you need to think in a situation like this!

18. You constantly show your love by adorably insulting the other person. Insult loving is a thing, right?

18 boyfriend is your bestfriend

19. And last, but never the least, it never scares you when you think of growing old together! <3

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