15 Signs You Are Going Through Life Like A Total Badass!

15 Signs You Are Going Through Life Like A Total Badass!
Are you a #GirlBoss? If you are one, we salute you. The world needs more people like you: to inspire, to lead and to bring change. If you are cruising through life like an ultimate badass, then you’ll probably relate to these points here.

1. You know exactly what you want and how to get there

You aren’t indecisive about anything. You are firm and rooted to the ground. When you have your mind set on something, you will go after it.

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2. The little things in life make you happy

You stop to smell the flowers, you wake up to a good cup of coffee, you laugh when you see two kittens playing with each other and these little things make you extremely happy.

3. Your family is proud of you

Your folks couldn’t have asked for a better daughter and you give every other Sharma ji’s child a run for his/ her money now. Your siblings look up to you and (secretly!) want to be just like you!

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4. You have a job that you excel at or have figured out your talent

You're great at what you do. The only reason why you landed this gig or picked your career is because you feel passionate about it.

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5. You have friends that would take a bullet for you

You may not have a million friends but you do have a handful of friends that you can trust with your life and you’ve realized these are the only friends you want to keep forever.

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6. You’ve learned how to manage your finances

You make enough money to call your life stable and you almost never over spend. You even manage to save a bit for a rainy day and you're proud of being able to allocate money properly now.

7. People look up to you

They are in awe of who you are as a person and they want to be around you because you give such a positive vibe. People often tell you how much fun they have with you around. They seek out for advice from you and sometimes, just moral support.

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8. You are confident and independent

You have your head on your shoulders and your freedom is very important to you. You rarely ask for help (but also know when you really should) and tide through every dire situation with grace.

9. You don’t let small things bother you

You have other important things to focus on and don’t let little things get to you. You know for a fact that there are better, more important things to focus on, so so you choose not to dwell on these petty, silly issues.

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10. You don’t plan on giving up any time soon

You are a warrior and you’ve never given up. You are strong-willed and will fight for everything you feel strongly about - may it be a person or an opinion!

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11. People respect you

People know your worth and how important you are. They admire your talent and qualities. They've come to respect you as an individual - not just part of the company you keep.

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12. You don’t care about what people think

You know who you are as a person and your self-worth is very important to you. You keep away from negative people.

13. You’ve made your own rules

And you live by them. Who says you can’t be yourself and still be a great human being? Well, maybe some people do but you’ve stopped listening to them.

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14. You don’t let people walk all over you

And neither do you boss them around. You know that everyone deserves respect, so you treat everyone equally and make sure that you are not being ill-treated too.

15. You’re excited about the future

You have a lot up your sleeve and unlike other people who dread the future, you’re actually eagerly waiting for it. You know for a fact that although there may be a lot of downs in the future, it’s still something to look forward to.

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