Buy-Curious?! Mall Feet?! 15 Shopping Terms You NEED To Know!

Buy-Curious?! Mall Feet?! 15 Shopping Terms You NEED To Know!
Whoever said money cannot buy happiness has clearly never shopped! Shopping isn’t just another “thing” you do in life - it’s an art, it’s a sport and it’s a skill :P

If you love shopping (or even if you don’t fancy it as much), here are a few shopping slangs you can use the next time you want to fly into a pre, post or mid shopping verbal frenzy and impress someone :D

1. Mall Feet

The condition of having aching, cramping and paining feet due to shopping for too long at the mall and carrying too many shopping bags.

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2. Buy-Curious

A “curious” person, who most probably does not intend to “buy” anything. #BeenThereDoneThat

3. Spot Shopping

Going to buy one particular thing from the store and then just “browsing” for more stuff you “may” want. #GuiltyAsCharged

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4. Retail Therapy

Shopping in order to relieve tension or stress. Yes! There’s a word for something we’ve all done, ladies!

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5. Buysexual

Someone who gets turned on by shopping. you know.

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6. Mall Rat

A group of college or high school students who use the mall just to “hang out” and keep loitering about all day long, doing nothing and buying nothing. Yes, now they take selfies, but that’s it.

7. Backseat Buyer

A person who gets excited about other people’s shopping purchases. It’s usually your sweetheart friend who will accompany you when you shop and then get excited about everything you buy.

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8. Retro Shopping

The practice of comparing prices for an item after you have already purchased it. We have all done that to see if we got a good deal, haven’t we? *wink*

9. Alzheimer’s Purchase

When you buy something online, but they take so long to deliver it that by the time it arrives you are like, “What’s this? Did I order this? When?”. E-com websites, are you listening?

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10. Clothes Horse

Someone who is passionate about new clothes and hence is a big shopper and spender. Literally all of us! :p

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11. Mallssage

Any form of massage offered inside the mall. It helps when you have aching feet after walking in heels and shopping all day!

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12. Boyfriend Bench

The bench outside the trial room meant for the boyfriend to sit and wait, while we try on clothes and click some sizzling selfies inside.

13. Showrooming

The act of going to retail stores to check out certain products, and then coming home and ordering them online. Of course we do that!

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14. Unshopping

The act of filling up your shopping cart but upon deciding that you could get cheaper items elsewhere or convincing yourself you don’t need them, taking them all out of your cart.

15. Bropping

Bro shopping. Make sure your boyfriend knows about this one!

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