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#BeautyDiaries: A Boy Dared Me To Shave My Face And...

#BeautyDiaries: A Boy Dared Me To Shave My Face And...

I’m the kind of girl who has never said “no” to a game of truth and dare. You know what I love about dares? I like acing them! I feel really proud of myself after watching my friends look at me in awe. All that fame was short lived though, until one day... You see, during my college days, I couldn’t care less about making frequent trips to the salon, in spite of being cursed with facial hair problem. I tried bleaching it once but I landed up looking like ‘Chewbacca’ from ‘Star Wars’. I can’t tell you how embarrassing it was to walk into the class and have this one annoying guy make fun of me everyday. Sometimes I wish I could tell him to go to hell but I didn’t want to give him the power of getting onto my nerves. I chose to keep mum. Also read: #BeautyDiaries: I Let My Boyfriend Cut My Hair And… A week later, a classmate invited all of us to her place for her birthday party, including the guy who loved making fun of me. While we were sipping on breezers and grooving to the beat, we decided to play a game of Truth and Dare. After many rounds, the bottle landed pointing at me and that bully of a guy. Imagine my bad luck?! He had this naughty grin on his face and asked me to pick truth or dare. With confidence I said, “Dare”. Unexpectedly, he got up from his seat, walked to my friend’s bathroom and came back to our game table. He handed me a razor and in front of all our friends, he stared straight into my eyes and told me to shave my face! I was so shocked and embarrassed but my ego didn’t allow me to show it. I accepted his challenge like a boss! internal shaving the face for girls I applied liquid soap on my face and began to shave. Some laughed, some were just plain shocked by watching me shave my sidelocks, upper lip and chin. After I got done, I washed my face with chilled water and patted it dry using a hand towel.
Also read: #BeautyDiaries: Why I Finally Stopped Wearing Kajal Every Day I shut everyone’s mouth that night including the boy who challenged me. It did feel odd at first but my face felt really clean, smooth and soft after shaving. I thought my facial hair would grow back thicker but the opposite happened. I actually wouldn’t mind shaving my face again. It’s painless and quite effective if you ask me. All thanks to that annoying boy, I must say! Images: Shutterstock
Published on Sep 17, 2016
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