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13 Sex Words EVERY Girl Should Know About!

13 Sex Words EVERY Girl Should Know About!
It’s awkward talking about sex without the use of slangs because you never know who might be listening and who might be peeping over your shoulder. Hopefully, these sexual slangs will help you out in many situations.

1. Mantsy: Feeling the need to have sex right away

Example: “Can you come over to my place? I’m feeling really, really mantsy.”

1 Sex slangs

2. Vogueing: When you’re having sex and your reflection looks damn fine

Example: “We could probably be the King and Queen of vogueing as of this moment.”

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3. Gazzed: To orgasm

Example: “The sex was so hot last night, he gazzed pretty quickly.”

3 sex slangs

4. J-Tizzy: How you feel between multiple orgasms

Example: “He’s the one. He made me j-tizzy.”

5. Root: To have sex

Example: “I will see you at my place and let’s root, yeah?”

5 Sex slangs

6. Post boned: When you’re running late for something because you had unexpected sex

Example: “I don’t know what excuse I can give to my boss. I obviously can’t tell him I got post boned.”

7. Snatchchat: A nude that a woman sends through Snapchat

Example: “Hey, let’s snatchchat tonight?”

7 Sex slangs

8. Hotline Bling: Drake’s version of a “Booty Call”

Example: “There’s nothing going on between us. He’s making a hotline bling, that’s all.”

9. To Bagpipe: To give a blowjob

Example: “Let’s go home so I can bagpipe you!”

9 sex slangs

10. Basket-making: Love making

Example: “We did nothing really, just basket-making, I suppose.”

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11. Gingambobs: Balls

Example: “I think his gingambobs were pretty huge!”

11 Sex slangs

12. Godeminche: A dildo

Example: “Do you think I should buy a godeminche? I’m totally considering it.”

13. Pego - A penis

Example: “His Pego was really, really small and disappointing.”

13 Sex slangs

We hope you put these urban slang words to some good use!

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