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7 Awesome Songs The *Whole* Family Can Perform To At The Sangeet

7 Awesome Songs The *Whole* Family Can Perform To At The Sangeet

Sangeet nights are so much fun! They’re actually my favourite part of any wedding. Good music, drinks and lots of dancing… What else do you even need in life! And those adorable dance performances by the friends and relatives of the bride/ groom are always a treat to watch. So while we’re always dishing out dance videos and song suggestions for the besties, here’s something for the entire family. Get your aunts, uncles and cousins together, because this list has a song for everyone!

1. Nachde Ne Saare

Because it’s brand new, totally fun, it has great beats and the signature dance step is too cute. Also, what’s better than a song that says “nachde ne saare” for a performance by the big fat family!
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2. Gallan Goodiyaan

It’s got this very family sorta vibe to it, don’t you think? So many singers portraying different characters. Now that’s something you can totally use to your advantage in the performance.
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3. London Thumakda

Tu hogayi one to two! It’s become like a wedding anthem. And we bet that all your aunts will totally rock the twirling dance step.
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4. Navrai Majhi

One for the ladies! This song was made for sangeet dance performances by all the sweet elderly women of the family. Think no further because your favourite ladies are going to rock this one!
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5. Laung Da Lashkara

A little old, but still so good. It’s actually that one song that you can have your entire family dance to. From the cousin brothers to the ever so young granny, and all the uncles too!
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6. Kala Chashma

Wanna do the new? Burn the floor with the latest track to blow our minds - kala chasma! If you’ve got a family that’s totally enthu and just can’t wait to shake it, then this is it!
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7. Daingad Daingad

It’s such a fun wedding song and once your entire family gets up there on the stage, it’s only going to get better.
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Published on Sep 1, 2016
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