#Aww: These 7 Real-Life Proposals Are Just TOO Romantic!

#Aww: These 7 Real-Life Proposals Are Just TOO Romantic!
Don’t we girls just love listening to adorable proposal stories? Romantic, cute or all out crazy…shaadi proposals make us all go weak in the knees. It’s one of those once-in-a-lifetime moments that you cherish forever. And because we ourselves are hopeless romantics at heart, here’s a little sweet something for you too! We asked 7 real brides to share with us their proposal stories and we swear, you’ll absolutely love reading these. 

1. A proposal that wasn’t planned

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It was the perfect day with the perfect setting. We both were on a long, romantic drive and the views were just breathtaking. The weather was pleasant, the scenery was beautiful with hills all around us and everything was just…just picture perfect. A little while into the drive, we both decided to take a break and indulge in a rock climbing session. We started up the hill and climbed until we reached a cave. We sat there in silence, soaking in the gorgeous view… The wind was in our hair and that’s when out of nowhere I said all of a sudden, “Let's get married”. Akash looked at me, and said, “Come, let's.” Before I could even process what he had just said, he picked up a twig, rolled it into the shape of a ring and slid it onto my finger. He told me how much he loved me and how lucky he’d be to marry me. It was so sweet, so heartfelt, so pure.

Five months later, Akash replaced the twig with a rock and we were married!

Aisha and Akash Sagar Chopra

2. A dream come true

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When Rushi proposed to me, it was nothing short of a dream come true. We were both dining at the Grand Hyatt in Kalina, Mumbai, when he offered me a glass of champagne. The waiter who served me the drink had this weird smirk on his face. And so did my hubby! In fact, all of a sudden I could feel the entire staff looking at us. A few sips later I spotted a sparkly diamond ring inside the flute and…and it’s difficult to even describe that moment. Cake and music followed thereafter, and I happily hugged and kissed him and we sealed the deal. :-)

What followed was a beautiful wedding ceremony in the city of palaces, Udaipur.

Kirti Panchal and Rushi

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3. Making Valentines special

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Akshay and I had been going out for 6 years and we both pretty much knew that sooner or later we’ll be getting married. So a proposal was not something I was expecting...at all! But in our 6 years of being in a relationship if there was something that had always been special, it was Valentine's Day. Akshay made it a point to plan something romantic every year and this year was no exception. We went out to a fancy restaurant for dinner and were having a great time when suddenly the music stopped playing. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I saw Akshay climb out of his chair and walk right up to stand in front of me. That’s when my favourite track, “Let’s make a night to remember” by Bryan Adams starts playing. He went down on one knee in front of everyone and proposed to me with a stunning ring. Honestly, I never saw that coming but it truly was the best feeling ever.

We are now engaged and getting married in Jan 2017!

Prerna Kotiyal and Akshay

4. An unsaid proposal

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We met at an events management agency where I joined as an intern and Vishal was my senior. Every day after work he would find ways to try and give me a ride back home. So honestly, the proposal was in his eyes and actions. "I am going in the same direction, I can drop you home on my way," was a proposal for me on a daily basis, after work. It wasn't much later when we both knew, one day we want to go back to our home together. Through the years though, numerous proposals followed. He would make me feel special and surprise me on the smallest of occasions, or maybe just to make that day an occasion. And we continue to celebrate our love even today after 8 years. It seemed like such an obvious thing that an official proposal felt like a formality.

We officially tied the knot this year, on the 17th of February.

Smiti Talwar Rohra and Vishal Rohra

5. Love in mid air!

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Even though we lived in the same country, we studied at two different ends of the U.S. Me in NY and Vidush in California. We both met at a friend’s birthday party and our enthusiasm for life and our love for travel made us inseparable! After being together for 3 years, Vidush surprised me this year with a getaway on Valentine’s Day. He flew me to Turkey and little did I know that this was more than just a Valentines surprise. We were enjoying a hot air balloon ride when Vidush went down on one knee and proposed to me with a gorgeous ring. A violinist on board played Kabhi jo badal barse by Arijit Singh! The whole moment was captured by a professional photographer and hidden GoPros! He even had a photoshoot planned for sunset the same day.

February 14th, 2016 we were engaged and are getting married on December 17th, 2016 in Langkawi Island, Malaysia!

Sonam and Vidush

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6. A flash mob that she planned!

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Gurjeet and I met on a matrimonial website. He is an Army officer and it didn’t take long for us to develop a liking towards each other. We soon had our roka and shortly after that came Valentine’s Day. And I knew I had to make it special for Gurjeet. I planned an elaborate flash mob and took dance lessons myself too. As per the plan, we both went out for a movie and during the interval, all of a sudden, a flash mob started on his favourite songs. A little later I joined them too and the performance was full of dance, drama and dhol! This was followed by a video that played on the big screen wherein I proposed to him and asked him to be my valentine for life and beyond. I made sure that everything was captured by cameramen so it could be a lifelong memory.

We tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 2014.

Jasleen and Gurjeet

7. A picture book of love

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We were in the same college, though we hardly spoke to each other then. A few years later we met again in Mumbai, became good friends and later started dating. One day, we were chilling at my flat over a glass of wine and pizza, when Gaurav casually mentioned that he had brought something for me. He is a cinematographer and handed me a bunch of photographs that he had clicked. I looked at the first picture and it was my photograph with a caption that read “Reasons I Love You”. The second picture was a close up of my face and the caption read “For Your Beautiful Smile”. The third one was me cooking food and it said: “For Being The Best Cook Ever”. There were so many pictures and each had a beautiful caption. I had tears in my eyes while flipping through those pictures. In that moment, I just knew I love him so much and that my life would be incomplete without him. When I reached the last photograph, it was actually a photoshopped picture of us where he was on his knees with a ring and the caption read “Did She Say Yes?”. Oh my God, I hadn’t seen that coming! I was shocked, surprised and happy, all at the same time. Tears started rolling out of my eyes and I just nodded my head as a yes. And yes, he did go down on his knees with a ring but since it didn’t fit me, I had to wear it on my pinky finger!

We got married on the 16th of Jan, 2011

Neha Chauhan Dimri and Gaurav Dimri

*Images shared by the brides.

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