What Is The Right Type Of Underwear For Your Butt? Find Out Now!

What Is The Right Type Of Underwear For Your Butt? Find Out Now!
Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes... And so do butts! There’s got to be a reason that all your undergarments don’t fit the same way, right? While some may fit like second skin, there are a few you’d rather avoid. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. We all have different types of butts and there is a specific type of underwear for them all! Broadly, there are 5 different types of butts. Based on the placement of the pelvis and your hip bones and the distribution of fat on the two areas, you can determine the shape of your butt. We’ve listed the 5 types of butts that exist and the ideal underwear for each one of them. To know your butt better, keep reading..

1. The Square Butt

1 right type of underwear

Also called the H shaped butt, a square butt is equal in width from waist to hips. A few common problems that people with this butt face are a flatter appearance, love handles and a cylinder looking mid section.

What’s Right For You?

High waist underwears may not be your best friend! They’ll only result in uncomfortable wedgies you’d rather stay away from. Boyshorts, bikinis and thongs are a comfortable and more suitable option for the square butt. Due to very little muscle accumulation on the butt, it’s a good idea to avoid panties that have elastic leg holes as it’ll only cause the extra fabric to bunch up!

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2. The Inverted Heart Shaped One..

2 right type of underwear

Also called the pear shaped butt, the heart shape derriere is considered very feminine in terms of butt shapes. In this case, the fat is distributed to the lower portion of the butt and thighs, giving the look of a narrow waistline and curvy body!

What’s Right For You?

Go for boyshorts, hipsters and briefs that give those bums full coverage! Steer clear from high cut leg holes as they may not fully cover the butt cheeks.

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3. The ‘V’ Shaped Butt

3 right type of underwear

In this case, the hips are narrower than the waist and fuller at the top. A V shaped butt narrows down at the bottom. This is a common phenomenon with women who have broad shoulders and narrow hips.

What’s Right For You?

Briefs, hipsters and bikinis are perfect, but you could also go for boyshorts. Tummy control undies can also help to bring some proportion to your middle portion and hips. Avoid anything that can possibly make your butt look saggy. Always try and go for an underwear that offers full coverage and adds that extra definition.

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4. The Round Butt

4 right type of underwear

As the name suggests, round butts are perfectly round like an ‘O’. Contrary to popular belief, round butts aren’t necessarily big ones. They can be shapely and in proportion to the rest of your body.

What’s Right For You?

Full coverage is the key! Since you have a fuller butt, you’ll need extra fabric for full coverage. Boyshorts and hipster panties are great. You could always go for a size bigger for better coverage!

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5. The One With An ‘A’

5 right type of underwear

Women who have a pear shaped body usually have an A shaped butt. In this case, your butt widens below the hip bones and your waist is narrower than your hips. Women with A shaped butts have fuller thighs in comparison to the rest of the body.

What’s Right For You?

High cut panties are meant for you!  You could wear briefs and hipsters as well, but just be sure that the material of whatever you decide to wear is stretchy. Again, elastic leg holes are a no-no for you.

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We hope this helps!

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