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Forget Sarojini - Here Are 10 Shopping Secrets Of Janpath!!

Forget Sarojini - Here Are 10 Shopping Secrets Of Janpath!!
Street shopping, my friends, is a religion. And every girl who has ever bought a mind-blowing dress for under Rs. 500 after bargaining with the shopkeeper in full “paisa bachao” mode knows the level of satisfaction a good thrift shopping day brings! Sure, Delhiites go ga-ga over Sarojini Nagar but under the sad circumstances of Sarro being closed down, who do we turn to? Janpath, of course! It is, true to its past, one of the most magnificent street shopping destinations in India! So last weekend we visited Janpath to create the ultimate list of shops and things that you MUST visit/buy and we are in love with each and every one of them, to say the least!

1. Dupattas to dazzle!

1a shopping at Janpath

We went crazy trying on different dupattas because they were just so pretty!! Great colours along with amazing designs at totally affordable prices, what more could you ask for? From phulkari style threadwork to mirror-work and pretty prints, the variety left us spoilt for choice. We would love to pair our dupattas with plain kurtas or with a simple t-shirt and palazzo pants to add that traditional oomph to the outfit!

1b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 200-950
POPxo recommends: Novelty Store, 54, Municipal Market, Janpath

2. Cloth material

2a shopping at Janpath

Let’s face it guys, customising your clothes and getting them stitched is way cheaper and more satisfying than buying readymade clothes. That is exactly why we suggest hitting Janpath for the diverse assortment of unstitched fabrics and cloth material. You are free to choose from a wide range of floral, indigo, geometric and ikat prints according to what your budget is and you can get them stitched into kurtas, kurtis, ethnic dresses, tops, shirts, jackets...anything and everything that your wild imagination can think of!

P.S. - You can get all those amazing designs that brands like Anokhi and Fabindia have for a much cheaper price!

2b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 175-350
POPxo Recommends: Janta Cloth Store, 57, Municipal Market, Janpath

3. Jholas, potlis and more

3a shopping at Janpath

Never in her lifetime does a woman ever have enough bags! And ethnic embroidery and print bags are all the rage these days! And guess who has bucket loads of them? Janpath! We absolutely adored those bright colours and fringe designs. More so, the fact that a lane of entire shops were covered with them - from small clutch bags to potlis and jholas - so if not this then that! We sure are never running out of options again!

3b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 100-1,500
POPxo Recommends: Mohan Garments, N-53B, Municipal Market, Janpath

4. Add-ons for that extra sparkle

4a shopping at Janpath

What’s dressing up without a little experimentation? A little tweak here and a little addition there, don’t we all love creating something new out of our old clothes or just adding a little something to our new ones. Janpath has a whole collection of just add-ons to really help you get the most out of your wardrobe! From little pom-pom additions for a plain denim shirt, to your bag or to use in wedding blouses to proper hand-stitched embroidery patches to add to your old kurtas or tops to create something super amazing, we couldn’t wait to buy them all!

4b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 100-1,500
POPxo Recommends: Asha Handicrafts, S-12, Gujarati Market, Janpath

5. Indigo print...just because!

5a shopping at Janpath

To be honest, indigo print is the new black! It looks great on literally everyone! And we found a one stop destination for all your indigo print requirements. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it’s better than it sounds! From kurtas, jackets, short kurtis to crop tops and will find it all here! The quality is great and the quantity is even better!

5b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 350-750
POPxo Recommends: Fashion Point, 12-A, Municipal Market, Janpath

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6. Accessories to adore

6a shopping at Janpath

Junk jewellery (which is really not junk at all!!) is a must-have for every girl. Just a tiny accessory can add volumes to your outfit. And Janpath has more than what you might need (seriously, they got us super duper excited!). From chokers and neck-pieces made with stones and threads to pom-pom earrings and ethnic belts, you can have everything to give you that hippie look that will WOW not just you but also the people around you!

6b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 150-375
POPxo recommends: Lovely Jewellery, 14, Main Market, Janpath

7. Indo-western dresses and tops

7 shopping at Janpath

The amalgamation of Indian prints and western styles is the best, isn’t it? The simplicity of western clothes and the intricate Indian designs just create such a soothing yet stylish combination that we just can’t take our eyes off. Something similar happened to us while strolling around Janpath. From printed dresses to embroidered ones, short and long to Gujarati-style embroidered crop tops that can also be used as saree blouses, we were absolutely mesmerised!!

Price: INR 250-1,000 (depending on your bargaining skills)
POPxo Recommends: Mohan Garments, N-53B, Municipal Market, Janpath

8. Attars to smell amazing, always!

8a shopping at Janpath

Attars are natural and pure perfumes or essential oils obtained from flowers and petals. They are extremely healthy for your skin since they are chemical free and smell amazing! Tons of different and interesting smells take over you as soon as you enter an attar shop. The curiously shaped bottles take you to a time in history when attars were much more in use. These natural babies are way better than our chemical infused deos and perfumes, and the interesting names like ‘Jannet-E-Firdaus’ sound so elegant, you just can’t resist exploring more!

8b shopping at Janpath

Price: INR 200 for 10 ml onwards
POPxo recommends: Arihant Fragrance, 17, Main Market, Janpath

9. Home decor

9 shopping at Janpath

Who says fashion can be only represented through your clothes? What about your room? Ever wondered how you can make it look like they do in movies? Well, now you can stop thinking and start acting! Janpath has quite a lot of places to explore when it comes to home decor and personal style. From dreamcatchers (big and small) to pretty colourful lights, huge vintage wall clocks, cages, leather bound journals, frames, Rajasthani puppets, storage boxes and many more! The place is an absolute heaven for modern and vintage decorations!

Price: Starting from INR 150
POPxo recommends: Monga Handicrafts Corner, Shop no. 1, Old Mini Market, Janpath

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10. Not just fashion - food and books too!!

10a shopping at Janpath

Hunger pangs while shopping is a no-brainer. There is so much walking, thinking and critical analysing involved that you end up famished. To fulfill this purpose, you have the ever famous DePaul’s in Janpath. If you come to Janpath and don’t try Depaul’s Hazelnut coffee and variety of sandwiches then have you truly visited Janpath at all? We don’t know.

Now that your stomach is full, there is just one thing left that you can’t leave without checking out. Books! They’re always a great investment. Buying books at a much cheaper price is the most ingenious idea ever! And most of them are real copies, just for a lesser price! What’s better? Some of the book stalls allow you to exchange the books you buy once you are done reading at 50% exchange value! You read and you get half of your money back!

10b shopping at Janpath

POPxo recommends: Depaul’s, 22, Janpath Bhawan and MBS Book Stall, Janpath Subway, Near Shop no. 1, Janpath Market

Images: Srishti Sabharwal, Fashion Writer, POPxo