10 Reasons To Travel With Him Before Deciding “He’s The One!”

10 Reasons To Travel With Him Before Deciding “He’s The One!”
The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach - true or false? Well, we haven’t gotten to the root of that just yet. They say, to really understand a guy, you either have to live with him or travel with him or do both. These two very vital things will show you what he is really like as a person. Here, we will talk about why it’s important to travel with your guy before you decide that “He’s the One”!

1. To find out if he adapts well to hurdles

When we make travel plans, we set up unrealistic expectations and, of course, no trip ever goes according to plan. The time we calculate for something generally gets doubled up, a bus breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the weather decides to act up, lodging suddenly becomes a thing of luxury, etc. It is important to know how he handles situations like these.

1 Reasons to travel

2. To find out if he is resourceful

Does he adapt well to change, is he open to taking up a challenge, and is he resourceful? How well does he come up with alternatives? These are the type of questions which you might need answers to and travelling together will provide you with them!

3. To find out his choice of place for travel

It’s a tough call - to choose between the mountains and the beaches. Some like to travel to see the archaeological heritage while others travel to stare at the skyscrapers, the night-life, the city life. Where he wants to vacation reveals a lot about his outlook on life and expenses. Pay attention!

3 Reasons to travel

4. To find out if he is more of an indoor or an outdoor type of person

When we travel with someone, we learn a lot about them. Sightseeing aside, there is much you can do from the comfort of your own hotel room. If the view is brilliant, the room cozy and comfy, some people wouldn’t want to go out at all. They prefer being indoors and doing something lazy. While others are more interested in exploring the natural beauty by trekking or sightseeing. Neither of these are right or wrong - you just need to figure out if both of you can come to a mutual consensus!

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5. To find out how he goes about with his planning

Some men calculate every move, mark spots on their maps and are rather aggressive about covering places, ticking it off their lists and scaling new heights. But there are some who like to go with the flow, are generally relaxed and don’t worry about many things. What kind of a person is he? Does he like planning every detail or is he a free-spirit who would rather just ride along the waves? Because this will reflect on what he’s like at home too.

5 Reasons to travel

6. To find out if he treats you like an equal

Some men treat their girlfriends like they wouldn’t know how to do a thing. They won’t ask for directions because it hurts their ego. Some men assume women are incapable of being an easy-going traveller, and want their women to depend on them. While on the other hand, there are men who go on voyages with their girlfriends and leave major decisions on her because she is capable and intelligent. What type of a girlfriend are you and what type of a man do you want to be with?

7. To find out if he is an easy traveller himself

Some people are just very difficult to travel with and they probably don’t even realize how annoying they can be. They will spoil other people’s plans, be uncooperative, lose their temper over petty things, complain about the food and generally be a nuisance. We’re not just pointing fingers at your man, it could be you too! The point is to test your patience - this is like a trail run for the rest of your live. Do you see yourself being able to live with his every little fault?

7 Reasons to travel

8. To find out what his future looks like

Whenever we travel and we fall in love with a place, almost always the first thing that comes out from our mouth is - “I wish I had a house here” or “I wish my work was based here”. For some men the dream land could be the hills, for some a metropolitan city and yet for some, a place surrounded by the sea. Do your future goals match with his?

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9. To find out how tolerant you can be

And this works both ways. Travelling with your partner will show you just about what you will adjust with and what you will not. They can be little things like the time you both wake up, or even something big like how often you guys have sex. It is important to clarify these things before you decide to get hitched.

9 Reasons to travel

10. To find out who you are as a person

Travelling can open your eyes to many horizons and who you are as a person. Does a certain place evoke something in you that you never felt before? Are you happy in your field of work? Travelling will bring forth many questions that you never thought you needed to answer, and trust us, the questions you ask yourself while travelling with your partner will be totally different from the ones you would ask on a solo trip!

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