10 Reasons To Stop Crying Over The Love That Didn’t Last!

10 Reasons To Stop Crying Over The Love That Didn’t Last!
So it all seemed like the stuff that fairytales are made of? And you thought that you’ve finally found your Prince Charming? But life took a harsh turn and took it all away from you? We know it’s painful to deal with a breakup but trust us things would become better and the world would become brighter for you once again, you just need to give life another chance. Here are 10 reasons to stop crying over the love that didn’t last.

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1. It WOULD have lasted if it was meant to be.

Dear ladies, this is the brutal truth, and sooner or later you’ll have to accept it. It’s going to be difficult but once you accept it, we promise that life would become less bitter and things would start getting better and better for you.

1 love that did not last

2. Crying won’t make things easier, only harder.

Yes, crying is an inevitable side effect of a breakup but crying all day and all night long ain’t gonna help at all. It would not only give you a hard time in coming out of your misery but would also leave you with those nasty dark circles, and you surely don’t want that to happen, right?

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3. You’ve got your whole life ahead of you…

And you are a wonder woman who’s meant to do wonderful things. So take a deep breath and just focus on your life young lady!

3 love that did not last

4. Life has got a better plan for you!

So one chapter of your life got over and left you heartbroken...but what if we tell you that maybe life’s got a bigger, better plan for you? Give yourself some time and try to see the brighter side.

5. If it was his decision to break up, he surely wasn’t worth it.

No man would ever leave a woman he’s truly in love with. So just thank your stars that he moved out and made space for someone who’s going to love you with all his heart. We know it doesn’t make sense right now, but hey, give time some time to set things right!

5 love that did not last

6. If it was your decision to break up…

Then you already are one strong woman who definitely knows what’s best for her and what exactly she wants from life. Stop crying and give yourself a pat on the back coz you know your worth and you would get someone you deserve!

7. You can use this recovery phase to toughen yourself up…

You know what, the world really is in great need of strong and tough women and you can become exactly that if you use this recovery time to make yourself mentally and emotionally stronger.

7 love that did not last

8. Being single can be fun as well…

Try breaking away from the gloominess and live life to the fullest - as a single but amazing woman that you already are!  

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9. Focus on people who love you - family and friends!

Look around, there are so many people who love you to the moon and back. Use this post breakup phase to bond with them and you would definitely feel way better.

9 love that did not last

10. Remember, whatever happens, happens for good…

Especially when it comes to breakups. If things didn’t work out in your favour then just know that there must have been a reason behind it. And maybe later in life you would realize that whatever happened, happened for good.

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