101 Things I Just LOVE About My Bae (*Heart. Kiss. Grin*)

101 Things I Just LOVE About My Bae (*Heart. Kiss. Grin*)
Sometimes we don't give credit where it's due. With all the ups and downs that relationships bring, it can often be the case that the everyday, little things are overlooked! When you really sit and think about it though; there are 100s of reasons why your boo is just the greatest! Here are 101 things I just love about my boyfriend - are they similar to yours?!

1. Your cuddles are so warm and bear like.

1 love my boyfriend

2. Your eyes and the way they look when they are looking only at me.

3. Your tickly spots - even though you don't like me finding them!

4. The way you get excited when your favourite team is about to play!

5. Your good morning text - it makes my day.

6. That good night phone call, making sure my dreams are sweet and sound.

7. When you tell me about your hopes, dreams and your aspirations…it draws me in completely!

8. That forehead kissing nuzzle you do.

9. When you do funny boy things and I see your inner child come through.

10. How you get tipsy and really try to pretend that you are not!

10 love my boyfriend

11. The random and often inventive things you come up with for Valentine's Day - you never disappoint, bae!

12. The way you tell me "I love you" in so many ways that go beyond you saying those three words.

13. And when you tell me you love me using just those words - it never gets old!

14. Your warmth; the way you light up a room!

15. That smile of yours… Oh, how I wish to see it always on your face.

16. When you put your hand protectively on my lower back...

17. How you make an effort and try to find a connection with each and every one of my friends!

18. How your hand finds some part of me to hold when we watch a movie.

19. When our eyes meet in a crowded place and you look at me like I am the only one there.

20. The way you make me feel even more like an empowered and sexy woman! #roar

20 love my boyfriend

21. You know my favourite snack.

22. ... And the flavour of my favourite ice-cream.

23. … And exactly how I like my tea.

24. … And whether I am a red or white wine kind of girl!

25. The way you bring up things I have said that I can't even remember!

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26. When you let me wear your sweater when it's cold ...

27. ... And also let me keep it when I go home - it smells just like you!

28. How you know when I need some tough love and when I need unconditional support.

29. How my family sees you the way I do - clearly you have a good heart.

30. The way we both know when it's not going to be a real, real fight - so you back down and let me win!

30 love my boyfriend

31. You know when to tell me I am wrong. Thank you, for helping me grow as a person.

32. When you send me random YouTube links that you find interesting - it's nice to be part of your thoughts when I'm not even there.

33. The way you make that boring old kurta look so, so good!

34. And the way you rock a three-piece suit too!

35. The way you freak out over a spot and raid my creams when you come over (I'll take this secret to my grave, I swear!)

36. When you decide to go clean shaven for a few days reminding the world of the adorable puppy that you are!!

37. When you take time to explain things to me that I just don't understand.

38. The fact that your friends meet me as though they already know me - they know it's for keeps from the way you talk about me!

39. That you call me for advice - I know it takes a lot to let someone in.

40. When you put a blanket over me when I fall asleep.

40 love my boyfriend

41. How basic conversations with you feel like they're going to be memories!

42. When you do "girly" things with me just to keep me entertained!

43. How you find ways to make sure I feel better when I am not feeling well.

44. Every time you tell me that you don't find other girls pretty - even if you do!

45. When you grab my whole face just to plant a big, wet kissie!!

46. The way your hand just perfectly fits mine.

47. The fact that you let me share your food...

48. ... And, if I am honest, the way you reach across to have mine!!

49. The "just because" presents.

50. How you pretend to care about what I saw on Instagram earlier...

50 love my boyfriend

51. And the gossip I tell you about my friends (that you don't even know)!

52. For the way you ask me, "what's wrong?" - before I even realize I'm sad...

53. For the way you handle my mood swings!!!!

54. Your courage. You are a lot braver than you know!

55. You know so much more about certain subjects than I do! It's awesome learning from you...

56. You take an active interest in stuff I like and let me teach you a thing or two!

57. Your loyalty isn't being taken for granted, I really do love you more for it. #YouMyKing

58. The way you look just after you shower!! I love that messy hair of yours!

59. Your smell... I love it so much and miss it when you are not near.

60. When you suggest napping as a date - I might pretend to be annoyed but I love the cuddles!

60 love my boyfriend

61. Your little snores! They are like my lullaby now, I can't sleep without them!

62. When you try and make me laugh and smile as much as possible!

63. You always bring out the best parts of me!

64. You are so good to your family; it makes me realize you will be the same with ours one day!

65. When you offer me your jacket and open the door for not just me but other people too - proving that chivalry isn't dead!

66. How I have never ever felt insecure in our relationship - that is all thanks to you!

67. Your calm attitude when we fight.

68. How your voice alone can make things so much better...

69. Your random phone calls just because you want to hear my voice!

70. The way you casually bring up the future in our conversations - and include me in it!

70 love my boyfriend

71. When you find all these random apps and send me cute emojis from them!

72. You don't wake me when I am sleeping!

73. You know where the ice cream is kept and when it is time for it to come out - by the carton!

74. The sound of the way you whisper! It totally does something to me!

75. How you turn to me in tough times... Thank you for needing me in your life, it feels good.

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76. The way you take half an hour to make your hair but it still comes out looking the same! It always makes me smile!

77. The way you take charge during sangeet ceremonies! Full on Bollywood hero!

78. How I still get butterflies when I see you!

79. The way I still get excited when I hear the sound of your name! You're THAT special to me!

80. How you never ever make me feel second to anyone, babe!

80 love my boyfriend

81. You inspire me and push me to do greater things with my life!

82. You are confident and proud about the way you lead your life - I look up to your clear sense of direction.

83. The fact that you are not afraid to try new things!

84. Especially when it comes to my cooking!

85. You know how to show respect to elders and I value that about you.

86. You always look up and never look down on people - that takes a special kind of man.

87. You never act unnecessarily jealous or possessive.

88. You are becoming a better communicator and I can see you trying - it really is the effort that counts!

89. Your body. It's mine. Enough said!

90. The way you take care of "us". I know I am safe when I am with you.

90 love my boyfriend

91. Travelling with you is so easy, you never get stressed or let me get stressed!

92. Your body temperature! It always runs hot and you keep me nice, warm and snuggly!

93. How we take so long to say good bye... Well, how you let me take so long to say goodbye!

94. You love me for who I am and just the way I am!

95. The way you give me the first serving when the food comes!

96. Your kindness to others, even people you don't know. You are a generous person in every situation!

97. The look on your face when I come down, all glammed up for our date! You make me feel so, so pretty!

98. That moment when you tag me on random and cute love quotes on Instagram!

99. When you occasionally put me in front of watching sports!! I know that isn't an easy win!

100. How you are EVERYTHING I never knew I always, always, always wanted in a boyfriend!

100 love my boyfriend

101. For the other 1000 reasons that I just can't put into words!

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