11 Things NO Couple Wants To Have To Deal With! (UFF!)

11 Things NO Couple Wants To Have To Deal With! (UFF!)
Finding love in the wide, wild world is a beautiful thing. Having someone who understands you as well as you do, if not better, is simply amazing. And as much as couples love the feeling they simply cannot stand some things that people do. Here a few things couples just do not want to deal with...

1. The shaadi question!

Random person: “So when are you getting married?”

You: “When the moon’s axis is at 37 degrees with respect to the earth’s rotational axis and the planets form a hexagonal ring around the sun." *Annoyed AF*

1 problems indian couples face

2. Single friends rambling on and on about how it’s awesome to be single and we wouldn't know why!

Um, hello? We weren't born attached to each other? We both had lived before getting together.

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3. Annoying exes randomly resurfacing with resurrected feelings of “love” just because they heard about your relationship

No. Just no, okay? Go back to where you crawled out from please.

3 problems indian couples face

4. People telling you that you can do better…

Look here pumpkin, we don’t want to do better all right? Why don't you worry more about how well you're doing instead.

5. Questions about your “future” like, “Have you thought about how many kids you will have?”, “What will their names be?”, “Will you live alone or with your family?”

Should I also be giving you my period schedule so you know exactly when are we... you know… “trying”? Get a life people we are still in the boyfriend-girlfriend phase!

5 problems indian couples face

6. People giving you stern, awkward and judgemental stares when you hold hands in public!

Your kid is crying his lungs out in the food court, making everyone’s ears hurt, but us holding hands is a problem? What logic is that?!

7. People assuming that you have broken up just because you didn’t show up at a party TOGETHER.

We are a couple, not the siamese twins, alright?

7 problems indian couples face

8. The “When are you making it official?” question.

Which basically means when are you putting it up on ‘Facebook’ these days. Well, we aren’t, so don’t look forward to it too much.

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9. People inquiring whether you are in an open relationship because he has a lot of female friends and you have a good number of male friends.

The key here being - "Friends". Now go look up the dictionary to know what it means. Does it say “A person you have romantic feelings for”? No, right? So back off please. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean we can no longer have friends from the opposite gender.

9 problems indian couples face

10. The “Oh, you have each other. You don’t need to worry about your career and stuff. It will work out just fiiine!” comment.

Like how do these two things even add up? How? How? Just how?

11. Getting skeptical looks when checking into a hotel…

It’s no one’s business really. Why in the name of hoola hoops, is wanting some privacy or a place to sleep a problem?

11 problems indian couples face

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