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How Do Men Feel About Their "First Kiss"? 4 Guys Reveal...

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There are a few special things in life that cannot be replaced, right? Like the *first kiss*!  You may have better ones in future but the first one is undoubtedly the most memorable! Almost everyone remembers how, when and where their first kiss happened! At least, every girl does! But how do guys feel about their first kisses? We found this super sweet thread on Quora where people shared the stories of their first kiss and they are just SO adorable. Read on to know what these guys have to say…

1. “The kiss became more intense and I lost myself in the moment.” - The goodbye kiss

Adarsh Kumar answers on Quora: It was the last day of my college. After checking-in at the Kolkata Airport, I went straight to the lounge. There she was, waiting for me. We had been friends for the last one and a half years, well maybe more than just friends. She would be going to California in the summers to pursue her MS and I was placed in a petroleum company in India.

Holding my hand she promised to come and visit me during the vacations. As the status of my flight changed from “Security check” to “Boarding”, my heart sank. She went quiet and I could sense the tears welling up in her eyes.

First time in life, I was unable to find a word in my whole vocabulary to answer her silence. I went close to her and tucked that stranded lock of hair behind her ear which was blocking the most beautiful face I had ever seen.

She rose on her tiptoes and narrowed the distance between us. I could feel her breath on mine; no room left for any air between the two of us. I held her gently, cupping her face with one hand and pressed my lips onto hers. I felt her right hand brush my face as she kissed me lightly at first. I kissed her back but let her take the lead. The kiss became more intense and I lost myself in the moment.

1 story of their first kiss

2. “I need a token of affection to recall later” - The perfect one

Anonymous answers on Quora: It was the farewell night in my hostel, an annual event, and it was one of those days when ladies were allowed inside men’s hostel.

I was slightly apprehensive, with my girl in my room, it was for the first time that it was happening. We sat on my bed, as we talked about little things here and there. Blood rushed into my brain, and I could see the same happening to her, through her eyes which seemed to really gesture something. Her lids were shaking, ever so slightly, but i am a keen observer. The moment was there.

"This is the first time you've come to my place", I told her, with one hand on her back and the other one sliding across her, "And I need a token of affection to recall later" and I drew closer. The split second she did the same, I went and pecked her lips. Her lips were sweet! I could feel her body going less rigid and as she finally settled down with her slow snuggle into my torso, she responded back by going for my upper lip. That was an amazing bit!

2 story of their first kiss

3.”...but that day she just pulled me towards her and kissed me” - The sudden one

Rakesh Singh answers on Quora: I had my first kiss with the most beautiful person I ever met in my life and believe or not, she was so incredible that only her smile was enough to make my day.

I always waited for the perfect time but that day she just pulled me towards her and kissed me. It was just for 2-3 seconds. While she was blushing, I was just SO surprised.

3 story of their first kiss

4. “I pulled her to myself and kissed her for the first time” - The one which was just SO sweet

Anonymous answers on Quora: We were watching “Talaash” movie in a multiplex. After the movie, I don’t know what was i thinking. I just took her hand and ran to a corner of under construction shops in the mall itself, I really took the risk that no one will be there. I pulled her to myself and kissed her for the first time and she reciprocated too, I think she was expecting the same. It was the most natural thing ever, not extra-terrestrial that we are supposed to believe after watching crappy Bollywood movies.

4 story of their first kiss

You can find the full thread on Quora, here.

Aww, wasn’t that just adorable?!

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Published on Sep 17, 2016
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