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13 Conversations We’ve ALL Overheard In A Girls’ Washroom!

13 Conversations We’ve ALL Overheard In A Girls’ Washroom!

Conversations in the ladies’ room are really a world of their own. It is a magical place full of unicorns and butterflies. Well, okay, no. But it’s still a pretty lovely place to chill and have meaningful conversations in. Here are some of the most famous ladies’ room conversations we’ve all heard.

1. “Hey, will you please hold my bag while I pee?”

The ultimate ladies’ washroom quote. Our bags are really precious to us and they shouldn’t touch any dirty, or for that matter - clean, surface. We would rather have our friends hold it for us. 1 Ladies room conversations

2. “Will you hold my hair back?”

Yes, I will. Go on then, puke away to glory.

3. “Do my boobs look weird or pointy today?”

Yes, a little. *Helps adjust friend’s bra*. There it looks pretty nice now. 3 Ladies room conversations

4. “Dude, I’m late by a week. I’m freaking out”

Don’t freak out. You used protection and took a pill, right? It will happen, don’t worry too much. Stress delays it even further. Also read: What We REALLY Talk About In The Loo With Our Besties!

5. “Should I invite him over?”

Well, he seems nice enough, but don’t rush into this. Take your time. 5 Ladies room conversations

6. “Did you seen Karan’s new gf? What does he see in her? I’m so much better.”

Yes, of course you are. There is no comparison, man. He never deserved you in the first place.

7. “Hey, let’s take selfies.”

Wait, I have to reapply my lipstick. #besties #clubbing #memories 7 Ladies room conversations

8. “I think he’s trying to flirt with me but he’s so boring.”

He might be a nice guy, na? But if you’re not interested just walk away.
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9. “I think we are too overdressed, man.”

I know! Everyone here is wearing jeans and sneakers. Why are we wearing these cocktail dresses and diamond studded shoes? But let’s at least get pictures now that we look so pretty! 9 Ladies room conversations

10. “I love youuuuu.”

I love you too. When on alcohol we love the whole world and we make it point to tell EVERYONE just how much we love them (even if we don’t when we are sober).

11. “Hey, do you have a pad or a tampon?”

Sure, here.11 Ladies room conversations

12. “Do I smell bad? Can I borrow your perfume?”

No, you don’t smell bad but sure you can borrow it.

13. “Oh my God, I love this song. Let’s go dance.”

Yes, let’s go make complete fools out of ourselves on the dance floor! Who cares when your bestie is with you! 13 Ladies room conversations GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr
Published on Oct 2, 2016
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