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Anushka & Sidharth Talk About Their "Firsts" - This Is AWESOME!

Prerna Chauhan

Guest Contributor

Do you remember your first kiss? Well, of course, who doesn’t?! “Firsts” are always special and we remember them through our lifetime. Anushka Sharma, Sidharth Malhotra, Pooja Hegde and Manoj Bajpayee talk about their *firsts* in this video by Film Companion. This is a must watch - they talk about their first onscreen kiss, their first paycheck, their first fan moment and much more. Did you know that when Pooja Hegde was a kid, she just wanted a picture with Hrithik Roshan, which she could not get! And now she just wishes she could go back in time and tell herself, “Don’t worry, one day you’ll have an entire movie with Hrithik Roshan!” Watch the whole video to know what Anushka, Sidharth, Pooja and Manoj have to say...

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Published on Sep 01, 2016
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