Incredible oral sex: 9 no-fail tips to make him SWOON!

Incredible oral sex: 9 no-fail tips to make him SWOON!
Oral sex - any which way - is something we're always up for. But, of course, our thoughts about blow jobs do run deeper than just that. There are some things we've thought of - some tips, some variations - that we would love for you to try on us… At least once! 

1. Initiate it

Well, it's actually a great feeling when you just go for it instead of waiting for us to hint (or ask outright) for a blow job. Also, if you could just surprise us when we're least expecting it? That would be cool too.

2. Go deep

Well, yeah. We can't help but fantasize about you taking us all the way in, uh, ALL the time. But, of course, we're totally cool with however you're comfortable going about it - we're just saying it would feel even *more* awesome! 

3. The ball game

So the thing is - you paying even a little bit of attention to our balls during oral sex can double the pleasure we feel in an instant! Just a little bit of attention. Seriously.3 oral sex tips

4. Get handsy

Oral sex isn't just about your mouth… Well, okay, maybe technically it is, but it's kind of better when your hands join the party! And feel free to let them roam wherever you like! 

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5. Tie us up

Now this one's definitely something we would like experimenting with. Being in a position where you're going down on us and we can't even touch you? Just the thought of you being in control is enough to turn us on. 

6. Let us tie you up?

You knew this was coming, weren't you? To have you orally pleasure us, without the help of your hands - to balance, to hold back your hair or for whatever other thing - with just our hands to guide you? Well, that'll definitely be something worth remembering forever. 

6 oral sex tips

7. No stopping

Yes, us guys don't have the same recovery time as you ladies. But it would be totally cool if, for once, you totally disregard this fact, and just keep going until we're ready to go again. 

8. Um, well, 69

Yes, it can get awkward and we might take some time to find the right position to do this one in - but once we do? Wow. We really do like giving as much as getting, ladies! 

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9. Play out the fantasy

We all have that one fantasy of get a blow job in a weird place - the car, the lift, while on the phone, the list goes on. And, trust us when we say that, it doesn't get better than you playing it out!

9 oral sex tips

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