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10 Things You'll Totally Get If You Just Got Into A Relationship!

10 Things You'll Totally Get If You Just Got Into A Relationship!
Falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world. The warm fuzzy feeling of having someone around through thick and thin is absolutely beautiful. The “honeymoon period” of a relationship is probably the best part about one and it is the time couples form habits and get to learn about each other. Here are 9 things you will surely relate to if you’re in a new relationship.

1. Cell phone bills and no sleep

You surely stay on the phone all night talking about anything and everything under the sun, right? It is the same story with couples who have recently started dating. There’s something wicked about staying up all night, talking to each other under a bedsheet. Best part? You have enough energy to repeat this process the next night (how?). And then there’s the enormous phone bill you are obligated to pay at the end of the month. new relationship 1

2. Smiling for no reason

Don’t deny it, you do this. And everytime you are caught smiling like a fool while staring into space, you claim it is because you thought of a funny joke. We know you’re lying. It isn’t a joke at all. It’s something cute your bae said that just popped into your head. Admit it already!

3. Wanting to be together...ALL the time

Every new couple wants to spend time together and that’s understandable. What’s even more understandable is wanting to spend ALL your time together. Its really hard to say goodbye and we get that. Speaking of spending time together, most hotels don’t allow unmarried couples to book rooms if they’re unmarried and from the same city. So the cupids that we are, found a solution - OYO has a new “relationship mode” on its app, which lets couples book rooms without the fear of being judged. Couple-friendly hotels let you pick an accommodation that suits you. New Relationship 5

4. Day dreaming

Ever had your boss or teacher scream at you because you missed something really silly at work or college? Well, this usually happens when you’ve been thinking that special someone all day. Love has the power to turn responsible adults into smitten teenagers and it's totally okay.

5. Giving that special someone a cute name ;)

It isn’t enough to call your sweetheart by his name, is it? So most of us end up calling them cutesy names like baby, baabu, jaan and honey. And if that’s not enough, you go and change their names on your phone as well. new relationship 2

6. PDA - public display of affection

Not showing affection and keeping your hands off each other in public is really hard! We’ve all been there. You know, when you’re walking down a crowded street and you really just want to be close to him or hold his hand. You couldn’t care two hoots about people staring or looking at you like they’re judging you. You only have eyes for each other. *awww*

7. Your music playlist sees a drastic change

After a breakup, a lot of us tend to listen to sad or angry music like rock or the blues. It works exactly the same way when you fall in love. Except, this time, you’re listening to romantic songs. Not only that, you imagine bae singing those songs to you like in the movies. Yes, you’re definitely in love! new relationship 4

8. You want all your single friends to start dating

When you’re in a new relationship, you become the most optimistic person on the planet (no matter how negative you have been in the past). You want everyone around you to be in a relationship and you keep harping about the benefits of being in one. And then, you go one step further and try to set up all your single girlfriends. You know, because, you’re a professional relationship-advice giver now. Sound familiar? ;)

9. Making future plans

Just a few months into the relationship and you’ve already decided how your wedding will be? A lot of us have done the exact same thing, so don’t be embarrassed. It feels great to know (or at least assume for a while) that there is someone who will be a part of your future and that you will care for each other all your lives. new relationship 3 *This is a sponsored post for OYO.