Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales About Making Out In A Car!

Sunday Shorts: 3 Naughty Tales About Making Out In A Car!

1. To The Moon And Back!

He and I had been friends and neighbours since we were little kids. And we started dating when we were in high school. It was a fairly simple love story, we had almost spent our entire lifetime together. The good and bad part about knowing each other for so long was that we barely ever went out of the bedroom. There was no need to, right, when we lived three doors away. All our dates happened in or around our houses.

Then one night we were taking our usual stroll after dinner when he held my hand and pulled me closer to him. I smiled, “What’s this all about?”

“You look even prettier in the moonlight” he said.

“Do I?” I laughed.

Kissing me on my forehead, he pulled out his father’s car keys from behind. “Where are you taking me tonight, Mister?” I asked sneakily. “To the moon and back, my lady”, he replied and led me to the car... which, I knew, he wasn’t allowed to drive.

“Are you ready?” he asked as we got into the backseat and before he could say anything else, my lips were on his and he pulled me closer by my waist. There was such a thrill in making out in such close proximity of our houses, in the tiny space of the car. Our bodies were so close to each other that in those few minutes, it almost didn’t matter if someone caught us. Almost!

1 making out in the car

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2. A Kiss That Spoke A Thousand Words...

I haven’t seen his face in a year. No amount of Skype calls, emails and Facetime could come close to the touch of his bare hands. One fine afternoon, I got a call from an unknown number. Hearing his voice instantly perked me right up. He gave me his flight details and said that he would be landing at midnight.

I quickly threw on some clothes, got into the car and drove off to the airport. As I patiently waited for him, I felt a sudden nudge from the back. It was him! I hugged him as tightly as I possibly could for a few minutes and then we walked towards my car.

As we drove on the lonely yet peaceful road towards his house, he suddenly asked me to pull over. Before I could ask him for a reason, he cupped my face and pressed his lips against mine. I couldn’t resist, and passionately gave in. He began to kiss my neck as I softly moaned. For that brief moment, nothing mattered. Time, distance, words… It was pure magic! I never realized how much we missed each other until that night. I guess a single kiss does speak a thousand words.

2 making out in the car

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3. As Sweet As A Lip Balm

One day my best friend and I were meeting for lunch. She had invited her extra hot cousin Rohit too. He lived not too far from where I stayed so he volunteered to pick me up as we were to meet my best friend at the restaurant. I had had a crush on Rohit for the longest time but never really had the guts to say anything to him or to do anything about it. He came to pick me up, I hopped into his car and we made small talk. I asked about his girlfriend and he told he that they broke up a couple of months ago. My heart leapt with joy.

We reached the restaurant and before I got out of the car, I applied some lip balm. Rohit said that it smelled really nice and that it must taste nice too. I told him it did in fact taste nice and handed the lip balm to him. He completely ignored the chapstick, pulled me closer and kissed me on my lips.

It was finally happening! I don’t know for how long we were kissing but we were brought back to earth by my best friend gently tapping on the window… Oops!

3 making out in the car

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