#MyStory: Why My Boyfriend Didn’t Sleep With Me That Night...

#MyStory: Why My Boyfriend Didn’t Sleep With Me That Night...
Prabal and I had made big plans for our first anniversary as a couple. Since ours was a long-distance relationship, we had never had sex yet. So, we planned to spend a weekend together at a resort to celebrate this milestone in our relationship. In fact, this was the gift he’d asked me… he just wished to spend a weekend with me. After giving some thought to his demand I agreed and we booked a room in the resort.

While our initial plan was to meet each other at the resort on Saturday morning, Prabal called me on Friday afternoon asking me what time I would get free from work. Turned out he had come to my city on Friday morning itself. So I left office early, went to my flat to pack my bags and we checked in the hotel on Friday night instead of Saturday morning.

I had expected to get a tight hug from him the moment we’d enter our room but we both were rather quiet. He seemed more nervous than I was and we both sat at the two corners of the bed in silence. After a while we started talking but were still sitting at the two ends of the bed. Then I mumbled, “At least give me a hug,” and he heard me. He came closer and gave me a tight hug and I could feel the nervousness between us vanish. I felt like all my stress had gone and I just smiled as I felt safe in the warmth of his arms.

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Although, we spent three nights and two days together, we did not have sex. We made out a lot but it didn’t go beyond that. On the last day I caught terrible cold and came down with fever, I couldn’t sleep at all that night. Looking at my situation, we decided to stay there for one more night.

We went to a chemist nearby to get medicines and while the man in the shop was packing my medicines I pointed towards condoms and winked at Prabal. He smiled and asked the guy to add a pack of condom to our bill.

After I took my medicines, we were watching TV and we started making out. I told him to take my clothes off, a little surprised to hear this, Prabal in fact asked me twice if I said what he heard. And I answered “Yes” everytime. With a little hesitation the poor guy did what I told him. And then, I told him that we should have sex. But to my surprise he refused to do so. I was shocked to hear him say no and asked him the reason.

Internal have sex

He said, “Because I know you would feel guilty about this tomorrow. You are heavily sedated right now due to the medicines and you are not in your proper senses. I don’t want to do this while you are in such a condition.”

My ego was hurt and I got really angry with him. I just blurted, “I don’t want to talk to you,” and slept in the bed facing away from him. He lied next to me and held me as I fell asleep. I remember him waking up in the middle of the night telling me to put on my clothes.

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The next morning, instead of me apologising to him, it was he who said sorry to me. He said that he didn’t mean to hurt me. I stood there looking at him with tears in my eyes and it was that moment when I fell in love with him. Here was a guy who was sensible enough to not take advantage of a girl, a guy who didn’t want to do anything that would make his girl feel ashamed of herself.

I am so proud to have him in my life. People often blame a woman’s clothes for provoking men but what happened that night with me proves that a man’s mentality is what really matters. I am happy to know that men like Prabal exist in this world.

* Name changed to protect privacy.

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