#MyStory: I Thought It Was Just Going To Be A One Night Stand…

#MyStory: I Thought It Was Just Going To Be A One Night Stand…
My bestie got married in August last year and after her wedding was over, one evening she told me to accompany her and a few of her friends, who had come from another city, for a night out. We all went to this newly opened restro bar, where I met two guys that night. One was a musician named Yash, he came and introduced himself and then we had a small chat.

As I was enjoying my drink after dinner, I saw this handsome guy coming towards me with a cute smile on his face. He was rather neatly dressed. We started talking and I found out that he works at a pub in Mumbai.

We both were a little tipsy and our conversation turned towards the “what I want with life” topic and he said, “I want to live in the Himalayas”. I was a little surprised to hear this from a man who looked more fit for the corporate world and who actually works at a pub. His name was Rishi. After another few minutes of talking, we had exchanged our number and then he suddenly excused himself saying that he would be back in a moment.

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However, before he could come back I got a call from Yash, somehow he had managed to get my number. He asked me to go on a ride with him and said that he was actually standing outside the restaurant waiting for me. I thought for a while and accepted his invitation. We had a nice time that night and didn’t keep in touch after that.

For two months after that I was so busy with work that I hardly went out partying. In November I had to go to Mumbai for a project and felt like partying. One of my best friends Aanchal - who lives in Mumbai - had recently got engaged, so I planned a night out with our girl gang. I decided to go to the pub where that guy named Rishi worked. We had actually become Facebook friends and had a few chats.

Internal one night stand

Rishi and I shared a bit of an awkward greeting at the pub and then I got busy with my girls. Aanchal understood the reason I chose that particular place for the party. I introduced her to Rishi and while we three were talking her fiancé called and she went to the balcony to talk to him. Rishi and I tried to make a conversation but had no idea what to talk about.

Suddenly, Aanchal decided to go pub hopping but I was in no mood. I took her to the corner and told her that I wanted to spend some time with Rishi. What she did next was unbelievable. She went straight to Rishi and asked, “Are you single?”

He said, “Yes.”

The she said, “We are going to another party, why don’t you join us?”

He was a bit surprised to hear this and said that he could only join after his work was over. I told him I will let him know where we were so that he can join us.

And, he did come to the club where we were after midnight. Aanchal left the two of us alone and as we sat outside in the smoking zone, Rishi and I kissed under the drizzling sky.

The party got over after a couple of hours and I still wanted to spend more time with Rishi. I asked him what has he planned to do next and he surprised me by saying, “you can come to my place”.

Aanchal was also too drunk to go to her home. So, she and I went to Rishi’s place. He left his bed for us and Aanchal just passed out taking over the whole bed.

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We went out and sat next to each other in the living room. I looked at him and he asked me if I was okay. We both lied down on the floor, next to each other. We kissed again, made love and I don’t remember when we felt asleep in each other’s arms.

I thought it would be just a one night stand because we didn’t start out that night as a date. But it became one of the most memorable nights of my life. And when I woke up in the morning I had a feeling that this was not it for us. The awkwardness we’d felt when we met at his pub, was gone now.

As, Aanchal and I were leaving his place, I was wondering if he would like to meet me again because I definitely wanted to see him again. I gave him a hug and said, “Bye, I’ll call you.” He had that cute smile on his face.

I messaged him that evening and he told me that I had left my shoes at his house. That evening we both decided to give us a chance and started meeting as often as we could.

It’s been eight months that we two have been in a serious relationship and yet every time I meet Rishi I feel those butterflies in my stomach.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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