#MyStory: How I Sneaked My Boyfriend *Out* Of The House!

#MyStory: How I Sneaked My Boyfriend *Out* Of The House!
One day, back when I was in college and aware that my parents would be out of the house for the entire day, I decided to fake an illness, skip college and call my boyfriend over. Considering our young age and lack of hotels or private places to go, it really wasn’t a shocking thing to do. In fact, it was a given that if your parents aren’t home, you call your boyfriend over.

I had done it a couple of times before so I was not scared. Our drill was simple - he’d call me just when he was about to reach, I’d open the door and then rush upstairs to keep an eye out for neighbours from my balcony and he would walk into the house while we continued to talk on the phone. Easy peasy.

Once he was in, all doors and windows would be closed and then, well…

Internal sneak out

On that particular day, we lost track of time and while we were cuddling in bed as we watched a movie, I heard my father’s car park outside the gate. Frantically, I looked at the clock - he was almost two hours early!

“Hurry!” I half screamed at my boyfriend, throwing his pants at him. I yelled, “Go upstairs!”

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Thankfully, the main door was shut so he had the chance to rush upstairs while I quickly put on my clothes and went to open the door after my dad had already rung the bell twice! “Were you sleeping?” he enquired as soon as I let him in. “Uh, yeah, yes, wasn’t feeling well,” I muttered, following him to the bedroom where me and my boyfriend had been cuddling just five minutes ago. The bedsheets were a mess, of course, but my dad didn’t pay attention to it. He probably just thought I slept like a moron. “I’ll make you haldi milk with honey, you’ll feel better immediately… And stop having cold water!” he said and I nodded, slowly backing out of the room to go upstairs.

My very intelligent boyfriend was hiding in the bathroom with the lights switched off. “Baby, are you in here?” I asked, peeking inside. “Yes, I’m here. What’s the scene?”

“Dad’s here so we’ll have to figure out some way to get you out!”

“Oh no! Will he come upstairs?”

“It’s his house, he can go wherever he wishes to,” I replied, pulling his leg, when I knew that my father rarely ever comes upstairs.

“What will we do if he does? Why are you laughing?!” he panicked.

“Relax, we’ll figure something out. Stay here, I’ll be back!” I gave him a quick peck on the lips and went back downstairs to check the situation.

My father handed me the glass of milk as I came down and said “Here, have this… I’ll just be back from the washroom” - the opportune moment! I placed the glass on the kitchen counter , ran upstairs as soon as my dad locked his washroom door. “C’mon! Let’s go!” I told my boyfriend who was sitting on the bathroom pot holding his shoes in his hand. Without giving him a chance to wear them, I dragged him out of the washroom and down the stairs keeping an eye and ear out for my dad.

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I shouted out to my dad that I am taking our dog for a walk and before he could say anything, opened the door so that my boyfriend could get out. Poor guy was thrown out on the street by me and he wasn’t even wearing his shoes! He had to walk like that for five minutes before he was far enough from the house!

This was one crazy experience that taught me to always check with my parents every couple of hours when pulling a stunt like this! Though my father didn’t find out about our little rendezvous, I was scolded for not finishing that glass of milk! *sigh*

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