10 Special Memories I Wish To Make With Him Before Our Wedding!

10 Special Memories I Wish To Make With Him Before Our Wedding!
Getting married can be exciting and scary, awesome and nerve wracking all at the same time. There will be a day when we will go on from being girlfriend and boyfriend to being wife and husband, and that will be one of the happiest days of my life. But before that happens, I want to make these memories with that special guy!

1. Travel to a place neither of us has been to!

There is something about discovering things and places that fills me with awe and excitement! And since we are both travel lovers, I would want to go to someplace both of us are clueless about and see what kind of a treasure we stumble upon.

1 memories to make with him

2. Write letters to each other...

Because there is something about old school romance that never gets old. I want to have his words to remember him by when he is not around, and vice versa. Not the whatsapp messages and emails, words I can touch and feel.

3. Get my first tattoo with him!

I have wanted a tattoo since forever but I am too sh*t scared of the pain. I would love to get my first tattoo with him, something minimal but something that is of significance to the both of us. Plus, we can both take turns squeezing each other’s hands while getting it done!

3 memories to make with him

4. Tango in the rain!

Cliché? Maybe! But it’s romantic and it’s fun! And maybe we could follow up our lil' dance with a romantic kiss in the rain too! ;-)

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5. Trek up a hilltop and watch the moon go down and the sun come up!

And that will just be our night, with nothing and no one to interrupt our surreal rendezvous.

5 memories to make with him

6. Do a duet karaoke with him!

We are both bound to suck at it on different levels but I do want to have this adventure with him once. It’s always more fun to be two fools in love than one! :-P

7. Walk as far into the sea as possible, holding his hand and just stay like that for a while…

Sounds crazy, I know! But somehow that vast expanse of water scares me and enthralls me at the same time, reminding me to cherish every moment I live. We may just be able to take a few steps, but it is going to be beautiful, nonetheless!

7 memories to make with him

8. Pretend to be strangers for a day, and then meet and fall in love again!

Just to re-live those first few moments again, and also to remind the both of us that no matter where we are, and what we do, we will always manage to fall in love with each other over and over again. <3

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9. Watch all 10 seasons of Friends with him!

Because Friends is not just a show, it’s a sentiment. And I kinda believe, if we can make it through the 10 seasons, we can make it through life as well!

9 memories to make with him

10. Propose to him in a public place!

I want him to know that I too am willing to get down on one knee for him, and that I am always going to be proud to have him by my side. Plus it will make for a great story later on in life!

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